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Yankees Hot Corner – Gary Sanchez needs to sit

It’s never going to happen but Gary Sanchez needs to sit for Austin Romine. Sanchez (minus a few good at-bats in the ALDS) has been putrid in the postseason. His performance on Tuesday night cannot be understated on how poor it was.

Not only did Sanchez not get a hit and left a giant hole in the middle of the Yankees’ lineup, but he also let a crucial pitch in the dirt get past him and score a run for the Astros. It was certainly a wild pitch but you have to block anything and everything with a pitcher who consistently throws breaking sliders.

Regardless of how bad his night was, his postseason has been even worse. He’s played every game so far and he’s now batting under .100. Worse than that, he’s had zero pop in his bat. If he was at least hitting home runs when he got hits, he’d still be somewhat in the good graces of the fans.

When Aaron Boone was asked whether Austin Romine has a chance to crack the lineup in Game Four, he emphatically stated “No” and moved on to the next question. Sanchez is still one of the core players on this team but he needs to sit.

Unfortunately, he never will because the Yankees have so much invested in him and he’s still a good catcher behind the plate despite his flaws. He has a terrible track record in the postseason though and other than that big double in the 2017 ALCS to give the Yankees the lead against the Astros, he’s essentially done nothing. At what point is it time to give him at least a day’s rest?

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Chris Passarelli
Football Editor - Hockey Editor - New York Islanders Lead Writer - New York Lizards Lead Writer - UConn Football Lead Writer
1 Comment

1 Comment

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    October 17, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Sanchez is more than bad. He is a boat anchor on this team’s offense!
    The ridiculous notion that “…he is the team’s best hitter” is a farce!
    Boone, Cashman, and anyone else who says that are delusional. He had a good half year three years ago. Since then he has hovered around a .200 average and was as low as .190. If that is your team’s best hitter you are in deep shit!
    On top of that he doesn’t even put the ball into play!

    With Boone taking out pitchers at a moments notice when they are not doing well, why does he leave Sanchez in game after game when he is doing awful??
    If you are going to pull someone when they are bad, then Sanchez should have been pulled a long long time ago.

    Couple that with the fact that Austin Romine is better defensively and hits 50-60 points higher, AND, puts that ball into play, it is a no-brainer to yank Sanchez, get Romine into the game, and give your team a better chance!!

    Why they stick with him despite how continually bad he is makes no sense. Every year the Yankees wait until it is too late to do something that needs to be done. Whether it is get starting pitching or sit slumping players, they don’t make the moves that are necessary. And now – with Sanchez being 0 for everything, they are waiting too long again.
    Oh well, there’s always next year.

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