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Name: Brittany “Bam” Rogers

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Title: Founder/Owner of BAM Boxing Promotions

Established: 2011

Fun Fact: The Youngest Female Boxing Promoter in the Nation

Bam Rogers (Photo courtesy of Bam Rogers)

Bam Rogers (Photo courtesy of Bam Rogers)

At 28 years old, Brittany Rogers, better known in the boxing world as “Bam”, is the youngest female boxing promoter in the nation. Even before establishing her own promotion company, BAM Boxing Promotions in 2011, Rogers had begun to make a name for herself in the Philly fight scene.

“I started liking it at age 7, but I really fell in love with it in 2007-2008,” Rogers explains on how her love of boxing evolved into a career. “That’s when it really became a bigger part of my life. I had started spending more and more time in the gym and it just kind of clicked for me. I started following more main stream of what was going on, I got more up to date on the local scene. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that growing up I always had an interest in it cause my father was an ex-amateur fighter and me and him could bond over it. I never really had anyone, outside of my father, to talk to about it so I found myself online talking to people I clearly didn’t know. When I started going to the gym in 2007, I started meeting people who had the same interest and it really just panned out from there.”

Bam Rogers (Photo courtesy of Bam Rogers)

Bam Rogers (Photo courtesy of Bam Rogers)

In a sport that is predominately male driven, not just as fighters but in promoters and managers, Rogers bobbed and weaved through any jabs she encountered over the years to prove that she was here to stay.

“Obviously I had some hurtles I had to jump over and things I had to get through. I had to prove myself more than the average person had to. Not just for the fact that I a am a woman, but when I started my company I was only 22 years old. Throughout time I learned that a lot of people come and go in this business. It makes sense now when I look back at it and see the way I was treated when I came on the scene I understand why I was because there’s a quick turn over in this sport when it comes to promoters or managers.”

“We joke and say there’s a three-year rule, you’ll meet a lot of people and in three years they’re gone. They’re not in the business in any shape or form anymore for multiple reasons. Now that I’m over that hump and going still strong and working with a lot people in the business that are respected, you just keep growing.”

Rogers has worked along side International Boxing Hall of Fame promoter J. Russell Peltz for nearly six-years. Aside from assisting Peltz, she co-promotes with his promotion company, Peltz Boxing Promotions on fight cards in the Philly/NJ area. Including their upcoming card, Philly Fight Night on March 10th at the 2300 Arena, which will be showcasing a majority of hometown talent.

“We also have a really hot professional scene right now in the area. We have some guys that are on the cusp of making a big statement, I would say in the next year or so. Also, there are even more than are two or three years away from that, that are building themselves right now. I’m really enjoying watching them develop.”

Sticking to her Philly-roots and showcasing the talent that is developing, Rogers’ upcoming card will feature a high showcase of local area talent.

“There’s pretty much local talent in every fight. Majority of the fights are with guys based out of Philadelphia or the surrounding area. There are a couple guys from South Jersey or Delaware, but we’re primarily all Philly. Some of the fights are even Philly vs. Philly so you get a chance to build that rivalry. These guys have the chance to build their brand, build their name and get a little bit of a following behind them.”

Rogers’ love for the sport of boxing and the hometown pride she has for Philadelphia radiates as the fire behind the development and continued growth of her boxing promotion, BAM Boxing Promotions.

Check out her Twitter account @BamBoxingInc for more information on her upcoming fight card, Philly Fight Night, on March 10th at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.



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1 Comment

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    Mike Rogers

    March 9, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    Great article! Tonight Fights at Parx Casino in Bensalem Pa, Joe Hand Promoter, Russell Pelt is matchmaker, BAM is running the card, handling fighters, physicals, referees, comissions, etc 3/9/18 should check it out

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