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“I’m not one to take kindly to no so I’ll just go out and do it myself.”

That’s been New Jersey-native Lisa Marie Latino’s mantra since she attended Montclair State University and it’s stayed with her throughout her exciting and constantly changing career.

Lisa Marie Latino is a producer for New York Giants radio games, CEO and Executive Producer of Long Shot Productions and author of “Ten Years Later,” just to name a few of her incredible titles.

Latino knew she wanted to work in sports since Super Bowl 25.  Her dad was a Giants fan, so like any second grader she cheered and defended the team that her dad liked.

“I was battling with one of the boys in my class over who was going to win the NFC Championship,” Latino said about one of her first sports memories. “I told him the Giants were going to win because that’s my dad’s team.” she continued. Little did she know what her role in Giants football would be in the future.

She got bit by the sports bug after the Giants beat the Bills in that Super Bowl and while watching more and more sports on TV she decided she wanted to make a career out of sports and television.

From writing stories in grade school about sports, Latino took her passion to Montclair State.  While at Montclair, she interned with WFAN,  starting off in the promotions department and then working her way into production.

After college, she took a different route.  Instead of working in sports, Latino worked for The Caucus Education Corporation, a production company in Montclair.  The company produced more politics driven shows, but while working at a smaller company, Lisa learned the ins and the outs of the industry.  She also learned an important, but harsh lesson, “there’s more to life than just sports.”

Latino noticed that everything was going online.  People were blogging more, posting videos on YouTube and social media was becoming a major factor in the way that stories are told—and she loved it.   At 25, she decided that it was time for her to pursue her ideas for herself.

“It was kind of like a gut feeling, a lightbulb went off and I just ran with it,” she said as she vividly recalled leaving her first job in 2009 and starting a production company.

Lisa and two other people started Long Shot productions.  She was going to be the face of the company from hosting to marketing and producing content and the other two partners were going to do the more technical things, however after six months, she was solo.

“Owning a company is a 200 percent commitment, and it was not always the most glamorous so to say,” explained Latino.   “Starting a business is lonely, you’re up until 2 in the morning in your parent’s guest room thinking is this really going to work.”

However, Long Shot Productions began taking off.  It started off with Lisa making videos from sports charities and different red carpets and evolved to creating videos for corporations and even a show.

While Long Shot continued growing and developing, Lisa maintained her producer job for Giants games.  At home games, Lisa and the crew put on a big interactive show at MetLife Stadium.  “I am the middle between the radio and the live entertainment and I love it,” she said about her position on game day.  When she cues the crowd to cheer, they cheer, and she assists in making a huge interactive show for both the fans tailgating and the fans listening on the radio.

“It goes back to sports being my first love, and while I have my hand in so many different things, it keeps me in the sports world,” she said.

Lisa’s career has taken her in many different directions. In 2013, she launched “Hip New Jersey,” which is a feel good news outlet for the state.  At the beat of her own drum, she creates videos at all different events going on in the Garden State.

Just this year, Lisa self-published a book, “10 Years Later.”  The novel is about a sports radio producer named Carla who received an invitation to her ten-year high school reunion which triggers her to realize that she hasn’t done too much since graduating high school.  It takes her through this journey of trying to put together this “dream life,” that every twenty-something has in their head.  “It’s kind of a voice for that whole millennial generation who is trying to figure it out after college.”

So what’s her advice to all us millennials trying to figure our lives out after college? “Be passionate about what it is you’re doing.  It’s a lot of hard work and you need that passion to drive and sustain you.”

As for what’s next for Lisa, after accomplishing so much, here’s her wish, “My wish for 2017 is that I have all these things in place now, I think it’s time for the bigger audience.”

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