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‘Money Belt’ for Mayweather v. McGregor winner (Twitter: @latimespugmire)

It’s already being called the “Money Fight”, so it was only fitting that Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor would be fighting for something related to their styles. Besides pride and all the bragging rights in the world, World Boxing Council president Mauricio Sulaiman recently unveiled a prize for tonight’s winner.

While some big events have trophy’s or medals for the victor, you just had to know the combat sports world would go all out. There might have been an agreement between the two fighters for something like this. Covered in diamonds, gold, sapphires and emeralds, I present to you in all of it’s glory, the ‘Money Belt’:


While it’s not an “official” belt, this helps give the fight an extra boost. For Mayweather, a win could give him another title to place on his mantle. In McGregor’s case, he could parade the title around all future press conferences in the UFC. It provides him the opportunity to brag about how he is better than everyone else. That is if he actually goes back to MMA after this big payday.

Overall, the ‘Money Belt’ is a great gesture that didn’t need to be made for this epic encounter between the best fighters in the world today. The fact that it was made shows how dedicated everyone is to this once in a lifetime moment.

Still, they could have done better. The real Money Belt is somewhere in Stamford, Connecticut.


Daniel Yanofsky

Daniel Yanofsky

Daniel is a Managing Editor at, and covers all things combat sports (MMA, Pro Wrestling and Boxing). He is also the lead New York Mets writer. When he's not writing, Daniel hosts a Sunday podcast, The Main Event.
Daniel Yanofsky
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