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Why Carson Wentz Needs to Sit

Philadelphia can survive a few more weeks without Wentz under center.

The notorious Philadelphia media ate up every bit of Carson Wentz news they could dig up this summer. Every bit of progress, every step he took, and every time he took that brace off his injured knee was a new story. There’s absolutely someone out there refreshing the Eagles’ twitter for updates 15 hours of the day.

It’s only natural that the city is itching to field their superstar. But if he tears those ligaments again, there’s no telling if he ever comes back.

With modern medicine, an ACL isn’t a death sentence, similar to Tommy John surgery. Usually, things can be patched up and good to go within a year. Adrian Peterson came up 9 yards short of the NFL rushing record the year after his ACL tear.

It doesn’t always work out so well. Howie Roseman paid a big price to get Wentz. It can be assumed he doesn’t want to “RG III” him.

Have a look at the 2018 Eagles schedule.

They just beat a playoff caliber team in the Atlanta Falcons. The defending champions have Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buccaneers next on the list.

The Bucs as a whole weren’t supposed to be  very good, until Fitz-magic dismantled an up and coming Saints secondary in New Orleans. That being said, there’s no reason Philadelphia can’t be up to the task.

They do not need Wentz to win this game.

Weeks 3 and 4 bring Indianapolis and the Tennessee Titans— not good enough teams to need Wentz back.

Which brings the first debatable game: Minnesota, at home.

The Vikings return to the city for the first time since the NFC Championship blowout bonanza. They come loaded with a premium version of Case Keenum named Kirk and their fans are going to want a rematch.

First of all, Kirk Cousins actually submitted trademark claims for the phrase “you vike that!” which is an lfautomatic 30 point deficit by itse.

Jokes aside, Foles handled them once. Can he do it again?

The Eagles don’t have the luxury of an early bye to give Wentz an easy week off, and this game could hold huge playoff home field implications. Doug Pederson will have to hide Carson’s helmet to keep him off the field.

However, this is the first game since Week 1 that brings real significance. If they lose, it could mean traveling for a playoff game to Minneapolis (to play the Vikings, this time). There’s a real argument that he needs to return.

Foles could be exposed big time if he doesn’t improve his play up to this point. This may force management to think about Carson for a Week 6 return. Most fans would be very happy to be 3-2 with Foles while Wentz rehabs, but the schedule gets much more difficult after Week 4. The pressure will grow.

If Wentz is cleared to play, he should give it another week after that.  Coming from the guy that drafted Le’veon Bell in fantasy: condolences if you took Wentz, but career longevity will always be the top priority. Howie will want to keep his franchise quarterback safe, even if it costs a few games. It would be impossible to find a true fan who would risk Wentz’s career for a better chance to win a game in 2018.

Philly got their Superbowl win. Let him rest for as long as it takes. That’s one ring down, and years to add more with a couple of healthy knees.

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