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US national debut for Sweat: “Unforgettable moment”

Those days Ben Sweat is living with the US national team are special days. The national call was welcomed with great emotion, even more the debut in the field against Colombia. It was not a good game for the US but Sweat will never forget the instant he entered the field. The impact was immediately a great professional for Sweat who immediately tried to help the team to recover a complicated game.

“I’m already excited when I play with my club, even more with the national team,” said Sweat after the game. “For me it was a really special moment”.

An unforgettable day for Sweat who is now hoping to be called back for the next match against Peru. A game that could prove even more special for Sweat against his team-mate in New York City, Alex Callens who has recently renewed his contract with the Blues.

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