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The RealScoop, Episode 4: It’s Always About Da Money! (Audio)

Currently, professional sports are just as popular and lucrative, as ever. Indeed, players and owners reap the rewards of their Sports.

Apparently, Robinson Cano of the Seattle Mariners was suspended 80 Days for PEDs. Afterwards, Major League Baseball was shocked, including, Cano’s former teammates, and other players. Robinson Cano’s suspension will vanquish any chance of being inducted to the Hall of Fame.

Yet, the real question is: why do players still risk their careers and reputations in 2018?

Next, the NBA Conference Finals are on the way. Most of all, Lebron James is proving myself to be somewhat knowledgeable. As stated previously on the real scoop podcast this week. LeBron is nearing the end of his Cavalier career.

Also, on episode 4 of the RealScoop podcast, listen to me speak and give insights on who will be the best player in the major leagues. Lastly, the Supreme Court upheld a decision to legalize Sports gambling. Above all, it always comes down to the money. It’s all about the money!

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