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Rumors, Rumors, and More Rumors. Would the Giants Take WR Amari Cooper?

Amari Cooper, wide receiver for Alabama, could be the Giants pick if he falls to #9.

Former Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper makes a catch against Ole Miss. (Photo : Rueters)

Former Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper makes a catch against Ole Miss. (Photo : Rueters)


Some of the most interesting things are chatted about in the NFL during the off season. Who will be retiring, who will be traded, the Combine, the Draft. Before a down is even played, many analyst have made up their minds about which teams will be threats in their division, and I simply chuckle. Paid to have an opinion. However there are those guys who have played who have a better understanding.

I look for the whispers and rumors and I do away with it like day old popcorn. I just don’t get caught up in the hype; especially if it’s larger than life! But I can’t deny it; I will run to Google, hit search with my heart pounding, eyes bulging, hoping that it’s all wrong. Rumors keep minds intrigued during the off season and I do like it.

What happens though, when the rumor seems almost real; you know like it could possibly be true?

With the April Draft quickly approaching, the New York Giants, have been known to simply have the best draft strategy. So many big names on the board this upcoming draft; and GMs are hungrier than ever.

Amari Cooper, wide receiver for Alabama, could be the Giants pick if he falls to #9 and also depending on the other eight options ahead of their #9 pick. Rumored around the league, Cooper was projected to go to the Oakland Raiders at #4. Rumored….aha! Did you catch that?

With West Virginia receiver Kevin White emerging; it seems the choices have changed.

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If Amari Cooper is on the board, should the Giants take him with the #9 pick?

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With the release of J.D. Walton, its evident there is a strong need for offense. On draft night, General Manager, Jerry Reese might be in a hard spot, but only time will tell. Cooper could also possibly drop to #10 and go to the St. Louis Rams. There are so many scenarios that could play out.

Rueben Randle will hit free agency, and Victor Cruz will be cruising back from a major knee injury. With Beckham and Cooper working together how could the Giants be anything less than Dy-No-Mite! Explosive!!! Looking a step further, add Cruz to the mix along with Cooper and Beckham and you are looking at possibly the best receiving corps in the league. Yeah yeah yeah I know it’s early but it’s a wonderful thought right? Actually not that farfetched either.

Cooper is said to be the most polished wide out in the draft. Giant fans, this definitely gives you something to smile about. Guys like Cooper don’t come along often; so if you have the chance to solidify him at #9, why not?

With so many recent trades, cuts, and retirements, the NFL is leaving fans scratching their heads but excited, wanting more. As for me, I’ll be front and center in the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, Illinois on April 30 to witness it all live!

If the thought of Cooper coming sounds too good to be true, you know like a big rumor spreading like wildfire; don’t blink twice because this rumor might indeed be true!

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