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Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying Boxing Gloves

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Any sports require certain gears with the help of which one can perform the activity of that particular sports. Out of all the sports, Boxing is considered as one of the most competitive and tiring sports. Why? Because two competitors fight with each other using their fists and attack each other from head to torso. Now, hitting each other with bare hands can do some serious damage to both the one throwing punches and to the one at the receiving end. Thus, boxing gloves are used by the boxers to reduce the damage and give the sport the much-needed safety. Now, one cannot just go out there and buy the first gloves they see. Buying a Boxing Gloves needs some precision and there are various factors which have to be taken into consideration. Therefore, the following points will help you out while you are out buying your first gloves.

#1. Type of Boxing Gloves:

There different types of gloves available according to the boxing activities. One can find many types of boxing gloves namely sparring gloves, training gloves, fighting gloves, etc. Different types of gloves are specially made to serve different purposes. One cannot use training gloves for matches. Like Sparring, gloves are specially made to protect your sparring partner from any injuries that can happen while practicing. The bag gloves which we used is designed to protect your hands and not your opponent or target. Likewise, for fighting, professional fighting gloves are used.

#2. Type of Material:

Another important point to keep in mind is the type of material you want or will like to prefer for your boxing gloves. Mainly boxing gloves are made of leather and vinyl and one should choose the gloves accordingly to their skills in boxing. For example, for kids or beginners, vinyl gloves are the best as they are cheap and with Velcro closure, it is very easy to put it on. Those who are into professional boxing use gloves made out of leather. As your skills in boxing improve you require gloves which are long-lasting and effective.

#3. Weight and Size:

Now, after deciding the type and material to be used in your gloves, the next important thing to keep in mind is the weight and size of the gloves. Boxing gloves come in different weights and sizes and one has to select them accordingly. There are few standards set by the boxing community and one should have a look on it before selecting the gloves. Gloves are available in different sizes such as small, medium and large what your hand size and purpose will help you in choosing the right gloves for you.

#4. Closure Option:

Closure options become very important when you are out for buying your first pair of boxing gloves. Gloves usually come in two type when it comes to closure, i.e., laced up and Velcro gloves. For training or sparring purposes Velcro gloves are the best option as it is easy and convenient to put it on and off. But when it comes to professional matches lace up gloves is the best.

#5. Hand Wraps/Inner Gloves:

You require hand wraps or inner gloves before wearing the boxing gloves. Gloves can’t guarantee you protection. Thus, hand wraps and inner gloves are worn so that to avoid such a situation from happening. They absorb the shock as they are designed to do so thus making your fist more secured.

For an experienced boxer buying a pair of gloves is an easy job, but for a newbie, it is better to know a few points here and there before making a purchase. So, have fun boxing and keep this above pointer in mind before making any purchase.

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