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New York Baseball Pitcher Rankings

The Double G Sports Expert Panel ranks the top 10 New York pitchers.

As spring training has started with pitchers and catchers going through official work outs, I got the Double G Sports “Expert” Panel to put together a top 10 ranking of New York pitchers. These rankings combine pitchers from both the Yankees and Mets. Each member was asked for their top 10 and with that I put together an overall ranking. Below you will find the overall rankings, plus each individual members rankings.

1 CC Sabathia      56 points    
2 Johan Santana 55 points
3 Mariano Rivera 46 points
4 A.J. Burnett 38 points
5 Francisco Rodriguez 35 points
6 Javier Vasquez 23 points
7 John Maine 22 points
8 Joba Chamberlain 18 points
9 Andy Pettitte 16 points
10 Phil Hughes 10 points

Others receiving votes: Mike Pelfrey (6 pts), Alfredo Aceves (3 pts), Bobby Parnell (1 pt), Oliver Perez (1 pt)

Individual “Expert” Rankings

  Gregg Pat John
1 Santana Santana Rivera
2 Sabathia Sabathia Santana
3 Rivera Rivera Sabathia
4 Burnett Maine Rodriguez
5 Vasquez Rodriguez Burnett
6 Rodriguez Burnett Pettitte
7 Maine Chamberlain Vazquez
8 Pettitte Pelfrey Hughes
9 Chamberlain Pettitte Chamberlain
10 Hughes Parnell Pelfrey
  Rob Mark Jon
1 Sabathia Sabathia Sabathia
2 Rivera Santana Santana
3 Santana Rivera Burnett
4 Burnett Rodriguez Vazquez
5 Vazquez Chamberlain Maine
6 Rodriguez Burnett Rodriguez
7 Chamberlain Hughes Pettitte
8 Maine Aceves Rivera
9 Hughes Maine Pelfrey
10 Pettitte Pettitte Perez

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