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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Betting Guide

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If you have been a fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) for a while, then you may think that you know all the best fighters and could guess who is the real winner in every match. This is the reason why so many MMA aficionados decide to start betting on fights but quickly realize they are doing it wrong. There are no strict rules about how to wager your money, but there are most certainly some guidelines that can help you make more fruitful bets.

Choose a Proper Sportsbook

Whether you are betting at your local bookmaker or you are looking for best online betting sites in 100 Betting Sites, there is always a key factor that should help you make the best choice. You should always pick a bookie that offers the best odds. It is obvious that the better the odds are, the bigger your win will be. If you are interested in online sports betting, it is also a good idea to look for sportsbooks that offer good promotions. This way you will be able to improve your chances of racking up great payouts. Having as many MMA matches to choose from, is also a great opportunity that members of web-based bookies enjoy.

Betting Odds

The MMA Betting odds are usually displayed on a money line which may look something like:

Eddie Alvarez +140

Dustin Poirier -165

The negative line indicates who is the favorite that the bookmaker has predicted to win the game. The fighter with the positive odds is considered the underdog who can bring you a better win but has smaller chances of winning. If you decide to bet on Eddie Alvarez you will have to wager $100 in order to win $140, while betting $165 on Dustin Poirier may award you with $100 if he beats his opponent. The betting odds may chance and this is especially true if you are taking advantage of in-play betting. Understanding the odds, however, is an essential part of making successful bets.

Popular MMA Betting Types

The most commonly made bets on MMA fights are the Moneyline and the Total bets. The former is illustrated in the example above. You can decide whether to bet on the boxer who has better chances of winning the match or the fighter who is considered the underdog. You simply place your wager on the line of your choice.

With Total Betting, you have to make the choice to bet on either a match lasting over or under a certain number of rounds. The odds for a certain match might look something like:

Over 2 ½ (+125)

Under 2 ½ (-145)

This would mean that if you decide to bet $100 that the match will last Over 2 ½ rounds, you have the chance to win $125. If you, however, choose to bet on the fight lasting Under 2 ½, you will have to wager $145 in order to win $100.

Things to Pay Attention to When Betting on MMA Matches

One common mistake that betting rookies are often making is to place their money on their favorite fighters. If you ignore the opponents of your personal favorite boxer, you are making a huge mistake and you might end up making a losing bet. This is why it is important to make a thorough research before you place your money on an MMA fight.

If you are looking forward to a certain match, you should check up both of the fighters. It is advised to pay attention to the techniques they are using, their reach and size as well as any recent injuries they have endured. The age and experience of every fighter is also a factor you should consider when you are choosing who to bet on.

The preparations for a fight are also an aspect which can help bettors decide who is their pick for a winner. Many MMA fighters can be monitored while they are training for a match. This can give punters a vague idea of the techniques and skills that each fighter may show during the upcoming event.

As it was mentioned earlier, the condition of fighters is also a very important element for bettors. However, there are instances when fighters often hide their injuries so that their opponents are unaware of the instant advantage they might gain. This means that bettors are also left in the dark about the condition of the MMA boxers. This is why while you are doing a research about the pre-fight preparation of a fighter, it is good to consider potential injuries that may not be announced to the public.

MMA Betting Tips

When you are not sure about the bet you should make, you can always resort to the suggestions of tipsters who are following upcoming fights and have pretty good insights on what might be the outcome of the match. The advice of other bettors may actually help you make a winning MMA bet and enjoy a fruitful experience.

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