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Impact Wrestling - Global Force Wrestling (

Impact Wrestling – Global Force Wrestling (

Early last week, it was reported that Impact Wrestling had acquired Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. It turns out that Jarrett is the smartest man in wrestling. According to The Tennessean, Impact Wrestling is no more. The company has rebranded as Global Force Wrestling. The transition actually began at this past Sunday’s Slammiversary PPV. 

According to the article, Anthem Sports is on board with the move and Jarrett will take over the creative aspects of the promotion. To avoid confusion, Impact will continue to be the name of the Thursday night Pop TV show. The company made it official with their first post confirming the move: 


The move seems like a necessary one for several reasons. First, the company will no longer associate itself with the name “TNA”, which has had a negative impact on the company since day one. It also gives them another chance to start fresh, with new faces and more opportunities to grow. Speaking of, Jeff Jarrett went on Sirius XM’s Busted Open radio show to discuss the change. With the professional wrestling landscape growing, he knew the company he helped create had to evolve. He considers the now Global Force Wrestling to be an entertainment platform, but with more wrestling. He stated, 

“It’s all about variety. At the end of the day, it’s always about bell to bell, winners and losers… It’s always pro wrestling that succeeds.”

Jarrett went on to say that GFW will start doing live shows across the country again. The first few shows will be in the New York area within the next month. With shows already done in India and the U.K., live events can help grow a fanbase and keep the current ones happy.  

The wrestling world was buzzing when word broke out. Here is how the transition must have been like:


The deal proves that Jarrett is an (evil?) genius. After leaving Impact, he decided to start something different. After not having the greatest start, including some controversial business decisions, he struck while the iron was hot. With questions surrounding the future of the company, Jarrett answered them in a big way. He started a movement.

Whether the movement will result in a positive outcome is unknown. What we do know is that there is new life in the new Impact. Global Force Wrestling is here to stay, and as I wrestling fan I am excited to see where it goes from here. 

Daniel Yanofsky

Daniel Yanofsky

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