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Mae Young Classic (Wrestling Inc)

Mae Young Classic (Wrestling Inc)

Finally, the waiting is over. The full list of participants for the Mae Young Classic has officially been announced. WWE has been teasing fans for several weeks with a few names already set for the 32-women tournament. In a “Parade of Champions” special on YouTube, the company went all out to present the future of women’s wrestling. Some names were known, while others are getting their first time in the major spotlight. 

We got our first look at the ladies that will enter the ring, along with the announce team of Lita and Jim Ross. Here is the presentation in all of it’s glory:


Here is a small description of each wrestler competing: 

  1. Dakota Kai – Formerly known as Evie and a mainstay in women’s wrestling
  2. Serena Deeb – Recently came out of retirement, was in Straight Edge Society
  3. Vanessa Borne – Former dancer/cheerleader for major league teams.
  4. Xia Li –  WWE Performance Center standout and one of the first Chinese athletes to be recruited
  5. Rachel Evers – The daughter of Paul Ellering
  6. Sage Beckett– The former Rosie Lottalove in TNA
  7. Kay Lee Ray– Hardcore wrestler known from ICW and WCPW
  8. Tessa Blanchard – Daughter of Tully Blanchard and one of the favorites in the tournament
  9. Toni Storm – The first ever Progress Women’s Champion
  10. Marti Belle – A former TNA Knockout with The Dollhouse
  11. Lacey Evans – A member of the NXT roster and a former U.S. Marine
  12. Santana Garrett – One of the most talented women wrestlers in the world, thanks to her high flying capability
  13. Nicole Savoy – A Shimmer standout and “The Queen of the Suplexes”
  14. Ayesha Raymond – Former bodybuilder and Performance Center standout
  15. Reina Gonzalez – Performance Center Standout and daughter of Ricky “Desperado” González
  16. Shayna Baszler – One of the favorites in the tournament, Shayna is one of the members of the MMA Four Horsewomen along with Ronda Rousey. 
  17. Piper Niven – A powerhouse with ties to WCPW
  18. Zeda – Performance Center standout, with a background in MMA
  19. Rhea Ripley – At only 20-years old, Rhea has skills other wrestlers only dream of having
  20. Kavita Devi – The first Indian woman to ever grace a WWE ring 
  21. Sarah Logan – The former Crazy Mary Dobson, who has competed all over, from Japan all the way to New York
  22. Bianca Belair – Another NXT star, Bianca has a lot of talent to go with the long hair she has 
  23. Abbey Laith – Known to many as Kimber Lee
  24. Candice LeRae – Wife to Johnny Gargano, and known for her willingness to wrestle men
  25. Mia Yim – Jade in TNA, and a multiple-time women’s champion wherever she has been
  26. Miranda Salinas – Known for training with the likes of Booker T at his wrestling school
  27. Renee Michelle – Former MCW Women’s Champion
  28. Princesa Sugehit – The current Mexican Nation Women’s Champion, who has worked for CMLL and AAA for more than 20 years
  29. Mercedes Martinez – The current Shimmer Women’s Champion along with being a Shine Tag Team Champion
  30. Jazzy Gabert – The former Alpha Female, who has become a quick fan favorite 
  31. Taynara Conti – Performance Center standout who is a mix of Renee Young and Natalya
  32. Kairi Sane – One of the best women’s wrestlers on the planet with a phenomenal elbow drop. 

Tapings have been held for the tournament. This may be better than the Cruiserweight Classic. No spoilers here, but it is highly recommended you watch the Mae Young Classic when it debuts on the WWE Network on August 20th, right after SummerSlam.   

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