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Deontay Wilder wants to ‘Rocky IV’ Dominic Breazeale

Never one to shy away from a quote, did Wilder’s comments go too far?

There are times when watching a boxing fight feels like a horror movie. At any point, an opponent can be manhandled by a far more skilled opponent. The lesser man or woman wasn’t meant to be put in that position, as nothing is truly planned.

In Deontay Wilder’s case, he has a whole blueprint constructed for the demise of Dominic Breazeale. The WBC Heavyweight Champion has always been vocal and honest about his opponents. When it comes to Breazeale (20-1), he is looking to pull out all the stops. At a pre-fight media scrum, Wilder (40-0-1) stated that he’s ready to land one shot that can end Breazeale.

Wilder went on to say that Breazeale’s life is on the line and that he still trying to “get me a body” for his record.

This is not the first time that a boxer has spoken about ending one’s life during a fight. Mike Tyson has done it plenty of times. Wilder has continued to speak about his opponent the past few months, stemming from a melee in Alabama in 2017. Wilder has brought up that Breazeale’s crew ambushed his brother.

“Dominic Breazeale asked for this. I didn’t seek him out,” Wilder stated. “He came for me. This isn’t a gentleman’s sport. We have bad blood and it’ll be in the ring Saturday night.”

While trying to hype up a fight is one thing, did Wilder go too far with his remarks? In today’s day and age, many people are sensitive to topics like this. It is one thing to try and sell a fight, but it appears excessive, especially to the entire boxing community.  While Breazeale seems unfazed by the entire thing, he finds it worrisome that someone like Wilder would say something like that.

Wilder has been known to play a character to try and get into the minds of his opponents. Is he getting into his own head worrying this much about Breazeale, however?

All of the talking will come to an end this Saturday, May 18th, when the two clash on SHOWTIME inside the Barclays Center. Will Wilder become a man of his word?

Daniel Yanofsky

Daniel Yanofsky

Daniel is a Managing Editor at, and covers all things combat sports (MMA, Pro Wrestling and Boxing). He is also the lead New York Mets writer. When he's not writing, Daniel hosts a Sunday podcast, The Main Event.
Daniel Yanofsky


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