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Wrestling Podcasts: The Best Of The Best

by Canadace Kidd | Posted on Saturday, August 30th, 2014

colt cabana

Since the late 90s, having a camera in middle of a hotel room with a disgruntled wrestler in front of it, speaking about his or her gripes with the business, has been the only way to get to know the wrestlers. It was breaking that fourth wall between the wrestler and the fans. Letting the fans get a glimpse into the inner workings of the backstage politics of pro wrestling. It provided information on who had “heat,” or animosity, with each other.

It was a lot of times catty, often only showing wrestlers, with bitter taste in their mouths for the wrestling business.

I must admit, that watching “shoot interviews” was once guilty pleasure. However, one thing was always lingering in my mind. If the wrestling business was so horrible, then why would these people spend the entire adult life in the business?

I guess some wrestlers had this in mind as well because, with the popularity of wrestling podcasts, there have been shows that make it an obligation, to show a positive image of pro wrestling and their journey in it.

Here is my list of some great Wrestling Podcast that you should check out:

The Art of Wrestling

One of the founding fathers of the wrestling podcast phenomenon is comic wrestler Colt Cabana. Colt has been in the wrestling business since the early 2000s. He is from the generation of wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, El Generico and Christopher Daniels who worked very hard to bring honor and respect back to the American Independent pro wrestling scene.

Colt Cabana’s love for the wrestling world shows through with his podcast. Colt picks unique things like a wrestling song of the week, in which he plays a forgotten or rare song that is connected to wrestling in some way or another. His show is known for having entertaining stories about being on the road, and of course his fun and energetic guests that he brings on every week provide a refreshing point of view of their career and experiences so far in the industry.

If you like Colt’s stories of life on the road, be sure to check out his “Wrestling Road Diaries” DVDs. These two DVDs document his life on the road accompanied by his fellow wrestling buddies.

Steve Austin Show Unleashed

Legendary wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin has been hosting a podcast since 2012, and if you haven’t heard it then you are truly missing out on a gem of a show. His gut busting humor about navigating through everyday life with his illustrious wife and “wonder dog” Hershey will have you in stitches. Retirement for the rattlesnake has been great, and he is willing to tell you every detail of this wonderful life. With guests ranging from MMA fighters, pro wrestlers, comedians and even his wife Kristin, you will want to listen to a marathon of episodes because you will not be able to get enough.

MLW Radio

MLW Radio is a no holds barred podcast that covers everything from WWE, TNA, AAA, WCW, Ring of Honor, and anything else you can think of. With Court Bauer and Konnan being the main of hosts for the weekly shows, you get complex and brutally honest opinions about everything happening in the wrestling industry. I highly recommend it.

Talk is Jericho

Recently Chris Jericho has taken time from being the front man of Fozzy and part time wrestler for WWE to put on a weekly podcast. Because Jericho dabbles between the entertainment world and wrestling his guests vary every week, from Paul Heyman to Snooki. I must say that I don’t listen to every show because there are certain guests that I’m not interested in, but when he interviews certain people the show can be fun and entertaining.

The Ross Report

One of the best sports commentators in the world now has a podcast, and I am not surprised about how well the podcast has been received. Jim Ross has consistently had great guests and insight into infamous moments in wrestling. This show allows you to see more of Jim Ross’s personality and that is always awesome.

RingBelles Women of Wrestling Podcast

This podcast is wonderful, because a lot of times the females in the pro wrestling world don’t really get a chance to discuss their experience in the industry. This UK based podcast opens the door to that and really gives thought provoking interviews. The insight of these women really makes you appreciate their influence in the business. One the best interviews from the podcast in my opinion has been with Allison Danger. Check it out if you are a fan of female wrestling.

So there you have it. This is my list of some of the best wrestling podcasts out now. If you need some entertainment at work or to listen to at the gym give these shows a chance. I promise that you won’t regret it.

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