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Why DeSean Jackson’s Release From Eagles was Inevitable

by Amy Pujara | Posted on Monday, March 31st, 2014

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There is a gaping hole on my wall where my DeSean Jackson poster used to hang, much like the gaping hole in my heart that emerged when I found out my favorite player was released. I was wiping my tears with my #10 Eagles jersey when I realized his release was inevitable.

Jackson just came off a career year, posting 82 catches, 1322 yards, and nine touchdowns. His speed was a perfect match for Chip Kelly’s offense, which stretches the field and forces defenses to play back. When the Eagles resigned Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin, and then traded for speedster Darren Sproles, I was already thinking about how to save up money for a Super Bowl ticket for next year. How could any defense stop the insane combination of Jackson, Maclin, Cooper, McCoy, and Sproles? Impossible!

My love and loyalty blinded me from what was clearly happening. When the Eagles resigned Maclin and Cooper, they were beginning to prepare for life without Jackson. The Darren Sproles trade was another proactive move made in anticipation of losing Jackson.

The Internet is filled with varying opinions and outlooks on Jackson’s release. Did Chip Kelly overreact and make a huge mistake cutting his top receiver? Is Jackson really involved in gang activities? What team is going to sign him? Can the Eagles ever replace him? Interestingly enough, one perspective that seems to be ignored is the reactions of Jackson’s teammates.

Jason Kelce voiced his support for the move on Twitter with this tweet:

Jason Kelce –  “We just made an extremely unpopular decision, but I couldn’t be more excited and happy with where this organization is going!! ‪#FlyEaglesFly

Jeremy Maclin compared Jackson to the controversial former WR, Terrell Owens, with this statement: “Whatever happens in the organization happens in the organization,” Maclin said Thursday, via  “This was a similar situation when the Eagles decided to part ways with T.O.  That’s just how the game goes sometimes.  So I guess we’ll see.”

There were not any statements of outrage or shock. It appears as though Jackson’s teammates support the organization’s decision. These are the guys that deal with Jackson on a daily basis and know him better than anyone else. They knew this was coming. It’s clear that there is something else going on here that we do not know about and may not ever know about. The Eagles simply would not cut their star, without good reason. Now is the time to believe in Chip Kelly, the man who turned a 4-12 disaster team into division champions in just one year. The future is still bright for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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  1. augustine says:

    The move doesn’t surprise me, if he didn’t fit the atmosphere then so be it. I’m curious as to why the sullying of his name AFTER.

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