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The Waiting Game Continues for the New York Knicks

by Michael Schepp | Posted on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

The New York Knicks were expecting an answer from free agent Carmelo Anthony regarding a decision on his possible return to the Knicks next season with a max contract offer. As Carmelo continues to wait to make his decision, the Knicks are starting to think he may not return.

Carmelo Anthony Photo Credit: Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony
Photo Credit: Getty Images

With the possibility of the big 3 in Miami breaking up, there might be some money that the Heat can offer so LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony can join up and play together. Chris Bosh is looking to take a max contract offer from the Houston Rockets to team up with Dwight Howard and James Harden.

If Lebron James would decide to play in his hometown of Cleveland again, I would then see Melo agreeing to come back to New York and trying to find another star to come play alongside of him. The chance of Pau Gasol coming to New York would mean he would have to take a huge pay cut to help take some weight off of Melo’s shoulders and play for his former coach, Phil Jackson.

Within the recent weeks, rumors have emerged that the Knicks might have found a team that is willing to take on Amare’s hefty contract. The Philadelphia 76ers seem to be interested in making a trade, but want Iman Shumpert as the consolation gift of taking on the big contract. This would give the Knicks some freedom with the salary cap and a chance to possibly sign a star or big free agent that would convince Melo to stay.

Until Lebron makes a decision, the pieces will stay still. They will be sure to fall once a decision is made and players can decide who they want to play with.

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