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by DieHard Derek | Posted on Thursday, July 18th, 2013
Chris Jericho exits the WWE  (again), with hopes to return in 2014.

Chris Jericho exits the WWE (again), with hopes to return in 2014.

The news feed in pro wrestling has been hot and heavy the last two weeks, so let’s get right into it:

– Chris Jericho has finished his current run with the WWE, with his final appearance being on Smackdown this week. Jericho will start touring with Fozzy again from early August through mid October, with a brief break from August 19th – September 12th. While there is always a possibly that he can return in late October, a return in early 2014 seems more likely. The timing would coincide nicely with Jericho’s plans to release his next book in February 2014. Here is his confirmation tweet that was posted this week:

– WWE creative is currently putting together the final touches on their SummerSlam card. As announced on RAW this week, John Cena will defend his WWE heavyweight title against fan favorite Daniel Bryan. Given Bryan’s popularity, it will be interesting to see if WWE can push this match to its full capacity, or if they will simply pimp the match off to help push the upcoming Divas reality show on the E! network – where both Cena and Bryan are featured players as they appear with their real life girlfriends, The Bella Twins. There’s been talk of getting the girls involved and possibly having their respective lady friend in their corners during the match.

– Another match up for consideration at SummerSlam is Big E. Langston vs. Mark Henry, but recent sources have indicated that they made decide to have Dolph Ziggler officially break up his affiliation to AJ and Langston, and booking Ziggler in a match against his former bodyguard.

– Other WWE rumored role reversals have Layla turning heel and Vickie Guerrero serving as the mouth-piece for Ryback – BOTH terrible ideas.

– In the ongoing saga to cast the Chris Benoit movie, Crossface, reported that actor Liev Schreiber had been tapped to play Chris Benoit in a movie about the tragic double murder-suicide. Representatives for actor Liev Schreiber confirmed to TMZ that he will NOT be playing the role. The movie will reportedly cover Benoit’s life from the early days in his career through the final days of his life where he murdered his son and wife. Several WWE stars including Triple H and Vince McMahon will be portrayed.

– Former WWE/WCW and n.W.o. megastar Scott Hall post a picture of himself with former WWE/WCW megastar Lex Luger on Twitter. The say a picture is worth a thousand words. To me, it’s worth only three – I’m Fucking OLD! The Total Package Lex Luger is practically unrecognizable.

– Speaking of Twitter, former WWE superstar Dave Batista debunked rumors of his return to the WWE. Check out the tweets as he puts the rumors to rest:

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Derek joined Double G Sports as the professional wrestling writer in January of 2011.
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Derek joined Double G Sports as the professional wrestling writer in January of 2011.

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  1. ron says:

    i think Chris Jericho will return in 2014

    Chris Jericho return as the Oblivion
    saz ill disting future here you`l know it
    them break the walls down

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