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Summer 2014’s Best Wrestling Moments

by Canadace Kidd | Posted on Monday, September 1st, 2014

roman reigns

With all the Labor Day festivities and everyone enjoying the last bit of summer, I think it is appropriate to list of some of the moments that have taken place this summer in wrestling.

TNA utilizing the Manhattan Center to broadcast Impact episodes

These shows helped to bring in more viewers because of ECW alumni like Tommy Dreamer coming in to put Dixie Carter in her place. International wrestlers like Great Muta and Low Ki returning to TNA has given the show great content. Let’s hope that TNA will continue to have tapings in this venue because it has proven to bring a better audience than Universal Studios.

Dixie Carter getting put through a table

This payoff to the Bully Ray/Dixie Carter feud changed a lot of people’s minds about whether Dixie Carter actually cared about the wrestling business, and even the fans that still dislike her have to tip their hats to her for taking such a huge bump like she did. With the different camera angles and the wrestlers at ringside TNA truly milked this moment for all that it was worth.

Feud between The Hardy’s and The Wolves

In the past few years the wrestling world has lacked solid tag teams. With Jeff and Matt Hardy coming back to TNA and battling it out with Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards it’s a match made in heaven. The chemistry between the two teams is evident and it is something that I feel will get fans to tune in.

Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins Feud

Seth Rollins betrayed Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in June and essentially broke up the successful team of The Shield, to join “The Authority.” Dean Ambrose has been on a mission to get revenge on Rollins and to make him pay. The summer feud has consisted of Lumberjack matches, brawls backstage, parking lot bouts and even Ice Bucket Challenges. It has recently come to a standstill when Seth Rollins brutally attacked Dean, by doing his signature move the “curb stomp” with Ambrose’s head landing on a cement block. Seth has since held a eulogy to lay rest to Dean Ambrose. However, something tells me that Dean will attack again when Seth Rollins least suspects it. This has made a wonderful feud for the summer.

The signing of Fergal Devitt, Kenta and Kevin Steen to NXT

Some of the biggest stories this year, let alone for the summer, has been the signings of international wrestling stars Kevin Steen, Prince Devitt and Kenta. These signings have come to the surprise of many wrestling fans because WWE in the past probably wouldn’t have looked at these wrestlers as potential WWE superstars. However, with Triple H being the head of Talent now, I think that there is a transition in WWE right now. In the next few years, the wrestlers who will hold the titles will be true athletes not bodybuilders who can only pull off one or two moves.

Lana and Zeb Coulter: The Resurgence of Managers

For years there have been talks of managers being extinct in the wrestling world. But this summer, two managers have brought back the essential fundamentals, needed to help their clients. Lana (the Russian bombshell) has done an excellent job, with getting a lot of heat, for her client Rusev. He has been a great heel in his feud with Jack Swagger. Because Lana is so arrogant and proud, she has no problem speaking of Rusev’s dominance in the ring, and how he effortlessly crushes his competition. She does her job well without taking attention away from Rusev.

Zeb Colter has done a great job of bringing out Jack Swagger’s positives and hiding his negatives. Zeb tells you Swaggers intentions for the feud with Rusev, and pledges their faithfulness and loyalty to the American public, and instantly turns his client into a babyface. This gives me hope that there are still great managers out there.

Brock Lesnar and John Cena’s buildup to Summerslam

With Brock’s beast like presence and Cena’s brave domineer, the buildup for Summerslam was handled with care. It is no secret that Brock and Cena have never really liked each other. They have very different outlooks on life and wrestling. Cena clearly feels that Brock is a selfish, unlikable human being. He probably also resents Brock’s part-time wrestling schedule. He’s not in Cena’s words a “Company Guy.” Brock has made it clear that if he never left the company in 2004, that Cena would’ve never become a 15 time champion. With resentment between the two and Paul Heyman stirring the pot, this match had great expectations. The match however, was lackluster. To put it mildly, this was a 15 minute squash match. Brock took the title, but many fans were disappointed by the supposed “payoff” for the well put together buildup. Here’s to hoping that the re-match at Night of Champions will be better.

Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella Feud

Stephanie McMahon has always been a great heel. I guess it’s in her genes, you know, having a ruthless, power hungry father and all. So it’s no surprise that with her and Triple H terrorizing Daniel Bryan this past year that when he’s out with an injury, they would go after his wife, Brie Bella. Stephanie has physically assaulted Brie. Forced her twin sister Nikki Bella, into having matches where she was ultimately outnumbered, and even forced Daniel Bryan’s physical therapist to say that she had an affair with him to get under Brie’s skin. Of course this got to Brie and she fought back. She demanded a match at Summerslam and both competitors came to win. Stephanie had the upper hand for most of the match but Brie came back and it looked like she would take the win. But with a shocking twist Nikki Bella came out and attacked her sister leaving Stephanie to pin Brie and take the win. Who knows what’s in store for this feud, but it is without a doubt not over.

The rise of the Roman Empire

Roman Reigns has been making a name for himself in the past year. He has built a following in a short period of time and has lived up to the hype. Since leaving The Shield, Roman has taken the solo road to get to the top of the WWE and has climbed over the stumbling blocks. The stumbling blocks being “The Authority”. Triple H and Stephanie have used Randy Orton and Kane to take out Roman but he has persevered in every match and has shown great in ring chemistry with his competitors. I see the end of 2014 to be bright for Roman Reigns.

So that’s my list. Have a different opinion? Leave a comment and let me know what you favorite moments of the summer are.

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