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Rutgers Has Prime-Time Games Released – A Way Too Early Television Viewers Guide to the 2014 Rutgers Football Season

by Sal Soothsayer | Posted on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Yesterday the Big Ten Network released their prime-time football schedule for the 2014 season.  This information coupled with last weeks’ announcement by  ESPN/ABC of their prime-time games has some implications for Rutgers fans.


Prime-Time, Prime-Time, Prime-Time

While Rutgers fans were longing for one of their two marquee home games to be featured on ESPN/ABC in prime-time they received a very exciting consolation prize in discovering that the Scarlet Knights home schedule will feature not one but two prime-time home games.  Rutgers will host Penn State on September 13 at 8:00pm and will host Michigan on October 4 at 7:00pm.  Both games will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network.


High Point Solutions Stadium will host multiple night games this season. (Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

High Point Solutions Stadium will host multiple night games this season. (Rich Schultz/Getty Images)


Armed with this data, I’ll gaze into my crystal ball and make much-much-much too early predictions for the rest of Rutgers 2014 game-times and networks.


Going through the Season:


August 28 @ Washington State:

This game will most likely be a 10:00 or 10:30pm EST kickoff on Fox Sports 1.


September 6th vs. Howard :

The Big Ten owns ten home games this week and not many are of much interest outside of Virginia Tech v Ohio State.  This will probably fall noon on the BTN along with three other Big Ten games

Of Note:  Virginia Tech @ Ohio State – 8PM ESPN/ESPN2

Of Note:  Michigan @ Notre Dame – 7:30 NBC

Other Marquee Game:  None of note


September 13 v. Penn State

8:00 – Prime-Time on the Big Ten Network.  What a way for Scarlet Knight fans to kick-off the Big Ten.

Of Note:  Purdue @ Notre Dame – 7:30 NBC

Of Note:  Nebraska @ Fresno State – 10:30 CBSSN

Other Marquee Games:  West Virginia @ Maryland, Iowa State @ Iowa


September 20 @ Navy:

As a road game, this one will be featured on the CBS family of networks.

Of Note:  Miami @ Nebraska – 8PM ESPN Family

Other Marquee Game:  Utah @ Michigan


September 27th vs. Tulane:

There’s some pretty interesting Big Ten conference games this week and two interesting out of conference games.  This isn’t one of them as Rutgers v. Tulane doesn’t move the dial.   I’m guessing noon on BTN.

Of Note:  Cincinnati @ Ohio State – 6PM BTN

Of Note:  Illinois @ Nebraska – 9PM BTN

Other Marquee Games:  Minnesota @ Michigan, Northwestern @ Penn State


October 4 v. Michigan:

7:00 – Prime-time on the Big Ten Network against a marquee opponent.  This is the only week the Big Ten Network broadcasts a prime-time game opposite the ESPN Family.

Of Note:  Nebraska @ Michigan State – 8PM ESPN Family

Other Marquee Game:  Nebraska @ Michigan State, Wisconsin @ Northwestern


October 11 – Open


October 18 @ Ohio State:

The Big Ten has five home games this week and already put one in primetime.  This game looks like a strong candidate for 3:30 ABC/ESPN2 Mirror

Of Note:  Nebraska @ Northwestern – 7:30PM BTN

Other Marquee Game:  Michigan State @ Indiana


October 25 @ Nebraska:

Five Big Ten home games – one is featured in prime-time on ESPN and another one is Michigan @ Michigan State.  This game looks like a noon kickoff assuming ESPN is going to take the Paul Bunyan Trophy Game at 3:30, but I’m going to go out on a limb and predict a 6PM BTN kickoff here.

Of Note:  Ohio State @ Penn State – 8PM ESPN Family

Other Marquee Game:  Michigan @ Michigan State.


November 1 v. Wisconsin:

Six Big-Ten home games this week and with Illinois @ Ohio State on prime-time you can tell it’s slim-pickings.  If Rutgers holds up their end of the bargain this game will be 3:30 ABC/ESPN Mirror.

Of Note:  Illinois @ Ohio State – 8PM ESPN Family

Other Marquee Game:  Northwestern @ Iowa, Indiana @ Michigan, Maryland @ Penn State


November 8 – Open


November 15 v. Indiana:

Six home-games for the Big Ten and Notre Dame as an opponent at 3:30.  Looks like a noon kickoff here on BTN.

Of Note:  Northwestern @ Notre Dame – 3:30 NBC

Of Note:  Michigan State @ Maryland – 8PM BTN

Other Marquee Game:  Nebraska @ Wisconsin


November 22 @ Michigan State

The bye-weeks are over – 7 Big Ten home games so you would think this would be a noon game.  The slate is light in terms of marquee names matching up and this should end up as a 3:30 kickoff on one of the  networks.

Marquee Games:  Iowa @ Wisconsin


November 29 @ Maryland:

Rivalry week in the Big Ten!  I’d expect a noon kickoff here  unless both teams exceed season one expectations.

Of Note:  Nebraska @ Iowa on 11/28.

Other Marquee Games:  Common its rivalry week!


So what did I get wrong?!  Let me know in the comments section below.

If you have questions or thoughts, tweet at me:  @SalSoothsayer

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