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How Do Rutgers Football Players Compare to the Rest of the Country?

by Sal Soothsayer | Posted on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014
(Nick Laham/Getty Images)

(Nick Laham/Getty Images)

ESPN put together a fantastic series called “Position U” where schools were ranked based on the success of players at their position since the year 2000.  Criteria used ranged from awards the players won to the round the players were drafted.  Full criteria can be seen in the graphic below.

Rutgers scored higher in some positions and lower in others.  Certainly the lack of success Rutgers had at the start of this millennium dragged down scores overall but the school still had some areas of achievement.




Position:  Quarterback
Top School:  Oklahoma (142 points) – having two Heisman trophy winners in Jason White and Sam Bradford helps!
Rutgers Rank: tie  51st (4 points)
Commentary:  Rutgers fans will not be surprised that this is a position of weakness for the Scarlet Knights.


Position:  Running Back
Top School:  Arkansas (104 points) – first round picks Darren McFadden and Felix Jones lead the Razorbacks to the top ranking.
Rutgers Rank:  tie 29th (36 points)
Commentary:  Arguably Rutgers best NFL player Ray Rice along with an assist from Brian Leonard results in a successful ranking. 


Position:  Wide Receivers
Top School:  USC (134 points) – an incredible eleven players drafted since 2001 at this position.
Rutgers Rank:  tie 29th (38 points)
Commentary:  A nice string of NFL players in Britt, Underwood and Sanu help the Knights to a respectable ranking


Position:  Tight End
Top School:  Miami (84 points) – three first rounders:  Shockey, Winslow and Olsen help the ‘Canes dominate this position.
Rutgers Rank:  tie 18th (32 points)
Commentary:  LJ Smith and Clark Harris help the Knights to their highest offensive ranking. 


Position:  Offensive Line
Top School:  Alabama (242 points) – seven All-Americans lead ‘Bama to the top spot in what was probably the most predictable position win.
Rutgers Rank:  tie 44th (50 points)
Commentary:  Anthony Davis leads a host of Knights who have gone on to NFL careers.


Offense Review:

High Ranking:  Tight End – 18th best performance in the nation.
Low Ranking:  Quarterback – 51st best and only four points scored




Position:  Defensive Line
Top School:  LSU (200 points) – 21 draft picks including Glenn Dorsey who would have ranked 34th on his own.
Rutgers Rank:  tie 45th (38 points)
Commentary:  Solid careers by many Knights such as Eric Foster but none spectacular enough to move Rutgers higher on the ranking


Position:  Linebacker
Top School:  Ohio State (222 points) – Three different consensus All-Americans give the Buckeyes a blowout win. 
Rutgers Rank:  tie 55th (18 points)
Commentary:  Kaseem Greene holds down the fort here as NFL star Gary Brackett made his mark after his Rutgers days were over. 


Position:  Defensive Back
Top School:  Ohio State (238 points) – Again the Buckeyes are on top, as three more consensus All-Americans help OSU reign supreme.
Rutgers Rank:  36th (54 points)
Commentary:  Devin McCourty, Jason McCourty, Marcus Cooper, Logan Ryan, Joe Porter and others were all better NFL players than NCAA players leading to Rutgers surprising low ranking here.


Defense Review:

High Ranking:  Defensive Back – no surprise here
Low Ranking:  Linebacker – only one NCAA star at this spot. 


Consensus:  Its not DB U at RU its TE U!

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