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Rutgers Athletics New Student Ticketing Policy

by Diane Quail | Posted on Friday, May 23rd, 2014
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On July 1, the transition year ends and Rutgers University enters the Big Ten Conference.   All Scarlet Knight Division 1 teams will face athletic powerhouses such as Ohio State and Michigan State on the road.   Both Penn State and University of Michigan will come to Piscataway and play under the lights on the Big 10 Network during the upcoming football season.

With the move, the Rutgers University Athletic Department changed the student ticketing policy.   Similar to previous years, there will be a season ticket option for students.  Students can purchase season tickets for 99 dollars to ensure that they will have a ticket for all home games.

However, unlike previous years, students will enter a lottery for tickets.  According to an email sent out to students, ‘The unsold tickets will be distributed on a single-game basis.  Student ticket claim will run from 12:01 A.M. Monday through 11:59 P.M. Tuesday for a game that Saturday.  If student demand is less than supply all students that claim a ticket will receive one.”

However, if student demand is greater than the ticket supply things get tricky.  Rutgers created the Scarlet Lottery.  The Scarlet Lottery works similar to the Rutgers housing lottery where ticket distribution depends on points.  These points are based on game attendance, not seniority.

“The main goal is to be fair with who we give the tickets to and to create a different in stadium atmosphere,” said Manager, Revenue Strategy & Ticketing Analytics, Reece Fischer.

The Scarlet Lottery awards students that show loyalty to Rutgers Athletics.  Points that students obtain throughout the season will measure student loyalty.   Students gain one point for; enrolling at Rutgers, requesting a ticket and showing up for the game.  In order to get more points students have to show up at least 30 minutes before kickoff.  Students can gain a maximum of four points per game.    Students may also get points by going to other sporting events such as; soccer and volleyball.  By doing these things students will ensure that they will have a ticket for the big games such as Michigan and Penn State.

Fischer and the Rutgers Ticketing department came up with this lottery by seeing what other schools do for student tickets.  They also held group studies with students to see which new policies would be effective.

“We knew we had to do something, going into the Big 10.  The demand for tickets is going to be higher,” said Fischer.  “We benchmarked our policy with other schools and saw that several other schools do some form of a lottery”.

Rutgers along with Northwestern and Maryland are the only schools in the Big 10 that still give students free tickets.

If you are an avid fan and you are going to go to the less desirable games you will have a very good chance of getting a free ticket to the most popular games,” said Fischer.

It will be that simple for Rutgers students during the 2014 Football season.  If you show up to all the games you will have enough priority points for a free ticket to the bigger games.

This week, Rutgers announced more of their schedule and will be playing two more games on prime-time television.

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