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Running the Option: Rutgers Students Season Ticket Option is on Par for the Big Ten

by Sal Soothsayer | Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
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Rutgers Senior Associate Athletic Director Jason Baum noted yesterday, “Phones continue to ring off the hook in the Rutgers Ticket Office. Nearly 5,000 new season tickets sold and over 1,200 mini plans sold.”   This statement gives credence to the optimism that Rutgers had that the Big Ten schedule, coupled with different marketing strategies should yield the highest number of tickets sold since 2009.

The increased demand for tickets and Rutgers need for revenue also changed the policy for obtaining tickets for Rutgers students.   Two weeks ago Diane Quail (@dianequail8) went in depth detailing the new policy for students and as expected the bone of contention among Rutgers students is  that for the first time, students can be charged for tickets.  Rutgers students now have the choice to buy season tickets for $99 rather than risk their chances on a lottery system.

This is a steal.

As notes this price is a 63% discount off of the full face value.

But furthermore let’s take a look at comparative prices around the Big Ten:

Michigan – $295 for 7 games
Ohio State – $252 for 7 games
Penn State – $218 for 7 games
Wisconsin – $188 for 7 games
Iowa – $175 for 7 games
Michigan State – $175 for 7 games
Nebraska – $166 for 7 games
Purdue – $119 for 7 games
Illinois – $99 for 7 games
Rutgers – $99 for 6 games
Minnesota – $90 for 7 games
Indiana – $60 for 6 games
Maryland – no cost
Northwestern – no cost

Even at these costs, Big Ten schools are able to sell big numbers to students.  At the conference’s most expensive ticket, Michigan sold 19,000 student season tickets last year.

Although Michigan expects a drop-off this year, it is clear that in entering the Big Ten, these numbers are further indication that Rutgers will soon be introduced to some of the most passionate fan-bases in the country.

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