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Recap of the Rest of the Devils Selections in 2014 NHL Draft

by Sam Mines | Posted on Saturday, June 28th, 2014
(Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)

(Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)

Following the New Jersey Devils round one selection of John Quenneville they still had five draft picks left to go. Here is who they selected with those picks:

With their second pick, 41st overall the Devils selected two-way defenseman Josh Jacobs who hopes to model his game Brent Seabrook. I think it Jacobs turns out to be half that good the Devils got themselves a gem at 41. Here’s the Devils Director of Scouting David Conte’s opinion on Jacobs “He’s big and strong – there’s absolutely no flaws in his game. He’s a right shot defenseman, which everyone covets and we’re starting to have a little bit in abundance, which is a good thing. Solid character, good student. The sky’s the limit for him.”

With the third round pick, 71st overall the Devils selected right wing Connor Chatham. Here’s Conte’s take on the 6’2” power forward: “He made great improvement; his productivity was all in the second half [of the season], which lends us to believe it should be significantly better next year. He lends a physical presence, he’s got speed. He’s a big prototypical winger, where, if you ask the general manager, “What do you want to draft?”, they’re going to tell me: a big winger. Well, that’s Connor Chatham.”

With the fifth round pick, 131st overall the Devils selected defenseman Ryan Rehill. Here’s Conte’s take on the big defenseman from the U.S.: “He’s a big, strong, tough defenseman, in-your-face, very difficult to play against. There’s players in the League like [Boston’s] Adam McQuaid that are somewhat similar profiles. … He has the willingness and he has the size and he has the grit. He needs to improve the skillset in order to use that toughness, but we look forward to having that presence.”

With their first sixth round selection, 152nd overall the Devils selected center Joey Dudek. Here’s what Devils Director of Scouting had to say about the son of former Denver Bronco and Heisman Award winner Joe Dudek: “He has a significant ways to go, but he has a very high skill level as-is. … He does have pure, natural talent which deviates a little bit from the physical presence that dominated the early part of our draft. … No better program than Boston College.”

With the Devils second sixth round selection, and their final pick of the draft, 161st overall the Devils selected left wing Brandon Baddock. Here’s what David Conte had to say about the big strong 2013 WHL Champion: “A big, strong tough guy that’s evolving. Played on a Memorial Cup champion and got minimal ice time because he was on a team that laden with so much pure talent and older players. His future’s yet ahead of him. He has a willingness and a dimension that when you need it, it’s impossible to find.”

So there you have it, the Devils last five picks in the 2014 NHL Draft. My analysis is they got bigger and tougher through the center of the ice which, as the Los Angeles Kings showed, is a good way to put together a winner. They picked up some offensive help on the blue lines, and added some depth to the wings. This is basically every spot the Devils needed to fill and they did a very good job drafting guys to fill these holes. Overall I’d give the Devils an A in their draft grade for getting positions and types of players they needed. Can’t wait to hopefully see these guys turn into future stars in New Jersey!

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