The NCAA’s Other Undefeated Team…Princeton Lady Tigers

(Princeton Athletics / Beverly Schaefer)

(Princeton Athletics / Beverly Schaefer)


Every fan of college basketball has their eye on the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team, as they are undefeated more than halfway through the season. But guess what, basketball fans? The Kentucky men are NOT the only undefeated team in the NCAA. There is another.

That other team is the University of Princeton’s women’s basketball team. The lady Tigers are 22-0 as of today, and are ranked 16th in the nation. Princeton has been closed out by NCAA basketball fans, as it appears that women’s sports in general is overshadowed by all men’s sports.

But the Princeton women have proved themselves worthy this season by staying undefeated this far into the season, and with Selection Sunday just a few weeks away. 16th in the nation is a shock for a team that has a 0 in the loss column. Even the then top-ranked South Carolina Gamecocks, who lost to the now #1 UConn Huskies, are higher ranked than the undefeated Princeton Tigers.

Princeton does not only win. They dominate opponents. Over their 22 games this season, the team has outscored opponents by over 50 points! That is definitely a deserving factor for Princeton to be higher in the AP Top 25.