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Mets Arrive at All-Star Break in Decent Shape After All

by Guy Kipp | Posted on Monday, July 14th, 2014
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

When the official halfway mark was reached a couple of weeks in advance of the All-Star break this week, the Mets stood at 37-44, and Double G Sports was all set to publish an article on how the franchise is forever stuck in place.

After all, 37-44 doubled comes out to 74-88, and the Mets were 74-88 in 2013, and 74-88 in 2012. They won between 70 and 79 games in each of the three seasons prior to that, too. In fact, the Mets seem to have been stuck in the 70s longer than Disco Stu on The Simpsons.

But the Mets’ fortunes seem to have turned since they embarked on the second 81 games of their campaign–specifically, since they began their final homestand heading into the All-Star break. The Mets went 8-2 on this homestand against Texas, Atlanta and Miami, coming within a couple of bad first innings by Bartolo Colon of actually having a 10-0 homestand. They stand at 45-50 and in third place, seven games out of first place.

The question is whether this progress is real, or just another Met mirage. Mets fans this season have become accustomed to seeing the team put together a mini-hot streak that lasts a half-dozen games, winning three or four in a row, or five out of six, only to reverse course just as quickly by dropping three or four in a row.

What has been encouraging has been the team’s ability to finally win consistently at home–a problem at Citi Field for years now–and for them to hit with authority in their home park. David Wright has been hot since returning from a shoulder injury, Travis d’Arnaud has been slugging since returning from Triple-A, and Lucas Duda is finally hitting like a middle-of-the-lineup hitter now that he’s discovered the left side of the field and started being more aggressive earlier in the count.

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