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LeGrand Debuts As On-Air Analyst for Rutgers

by Diane Quail | Posted on Saturday, August 9th, 2014

With his smile and positive attitude, Eric LeGrand has touched the hearts of many around the Rutgers community, sports world and nation as a whole.  When his dream was taken away from him during the 2010 Rutgers football season, LeGrand did not stop believing and pursuing his dream.

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LeGrand dreamed of making it to the NFL upon graduation and then being an NFL analyst upon retirement.  When he got injured on October 19, 2010, his dream took a new turn.  After a bad tackle, LeGrand fractured his C3 and C4 vertebrae and was paralyzed from the neck down.  The medical outlook was grim, to say the least, but the former defensive back did not take no for an answer.  LeGrand could no longer play football, but the football analyst dream was still alive.

LeGrand did not let his injury interfere with his life whatsoever.  He returned to school and celebrated his graduation alongside other Rutgers Football graduates this spring.  Aside from being a student, LeGrand inspired many along his journey.  With his positive energy and attitude, he overcame many obstacles.

“I’m glad I can make a difference and try and help others,” LeGrand stated.  “I’m fortunate for all the great things that I do have in my life,” he continued.

LeGrand has made appearances on television, wrote a book and served as the color analyst alongside of Ray Lucas for the Rutgers Radio Network.

LeGrand now takes on his newest challenge.  With hard work and knowledge of the game itself, LeGrand will be part of the on-air Rutgers analyst team for the Big Ten Network.  LeGrand will once again work alongside Lucas, as well as other former Rutgers football player, Shaun O’Hara.

He is no stranger to commentating, but this will be his first full-time position on television.  His ability to break down the game, as well as relate to the athletes, considering he was once one of them, will create a unique perspective to all viewers.

“I feel I will bring good insight, because I know football so well,” LeGrand stated.  “I want to make it like football 101 so that everyone can understand what is going on in the game,” he continued.

How will he make the game so easy to follow? Simple, LeGrand played the game his entire life and has the ability to articulate his words and knowledge in a way that even someone who does not know anything about football can understand.

“Playing definitely gave me an edge {for commentating},” said LeGrand.  Considering playing the sport gives one a different outlook on how the game is played, but why certain plays and errors may occur.  “I was almost at the highest level when I played.  I also was a very smart player,” he continued.

With LeGrand’s simplified approach and his former NFL and Rutgers alum, Rutgers will be represented greatly for their Big Ten debut.

LeGrand, O’Hara and Lucas take on the task of showing the nation exactly who Rutgers is.  Going into the Big Ten, the university has been doubted by football analysts and fans and feels Rutgers is not prepared.

“This is a new team, it should be interesting to see how they do,” LeGrand stated, when asked about the Scarlet Knights football team.  “It is all about who shows up that day,” he continued.

LeGrand and Rutgers football will take on the 2014 football season in a little less than three weeks when they travel to Washington to play Washington State on August 28th.

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