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“Jersey Boy” Bobby Gunn Jr. Heads South for his 2nd Professional Fight

by Augustine Dashiell | Posted on Friday, April 25th, 2014

HACKENSACK – There is a junior middleweight prospect with a recognizable name on his way to Virginia for his second professional fight. Bobby Gunn Jr. travels to familiar territory on Saturday in quest of his second knockout in as many fights as possible.

Bobby Gunn

Bobby Gunn Jr.

“I have family in the Virginia area, so I guess you can say I’m building a fan base down there,” Gunn Jr. said during a phone interview. “I’m a Jersey fighter, a Jersey Boy, and my next fight is May 31 in New Jersey, if things go as planned Saturday.”

The Hackensack pugilist describes himself as a boxer/puncher with adaptable abilities because he is a huge boxing fan.

“There isn’t a fighter that I compare myself to, but I learned from a lot of fighters; I’ve been around the sport all of my life,” Gunn Jr. stated.

Exposed to the sport at an early age by his father Bobby Gunn, the younger Bobby Gunn doesn’t remember a time in his life without boxing gloves covering his hands.

“I was always in the gym with my dad, so I guess boxing has always been the number one thing in my life,” Gunn Jr. said.

For some, following in famous footsteps is tough, but Gunn Jr. has no worries about having his father in his corner.

“There is a little bit of pressure because my dad fought so many legends and won a belt, but being a Jr. you have to build your own legacy. With my dad in my corner and trust in God, I think I can do just as well as him.”

Gunn Jr. pointed out some of the better points of having a famous fighter in your corner. “I think my dad prepared me more for the professional fight game than my amateur experience. I’ve been to all of his fights and seen him train so I was used to the hard work, sparring, and the transition to taking it to the ring. He’s shown me so much; it is an experience you can’t buy.” Gunn Jr. added, “As a young fighter, it is good to have someone in your corner that knows you, the father and son relationship is hard to do because being a dad, he wants you to be perfect, but at the same time, he knows me better than anyone else.”

Gunn Jr. said he knew enough about Saturday’s opponent and the plan is simple.

“He is a former MMA fighter that is trying to transition to boxing. Most MMA fighters tend to stand square and that opens opportunities to the body, but we shall see Saturday if I can execute the plan.”

If all goes well Saturday, Gunn Jr. can’t wait to showcase his talents in front of his Jersey fans.

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