Girls Of Lingerie Football League Play With Passion


It was a rather slow sports weekend as we wait for the Super Bowl on February 6th. So last night I was sitting in my recliner and decided why not, I’ll watch the Lingerie Football playoffs.

I’m glad I did!

If you have not watched the a Lingerie Football League game, you are missing something. Make no mistake about it, this is football. Sure, it’s a little different, including some of the rules, but these girls are athletes.

This is not a large group of guys making millions of dollars and just going through the motions of a football game. The women of the LFL do not make a huge salary. They are not playing the game for the money.

The LFL players play for the love of the game, the competition, and the family atmosphere of their teams. These girls play with a lot of heart, determination, and passion.

Last night, the East and West Champions were determined as the LFL held their playoff games in Jacksonville, Florida. Los Angeles Temptation and Philadelphia Passion both finished the regular season with perfect 4-0 records. Both teams continued their perfect seasons with wins last night to advance to the Lingerie Bowl in Las Vegas next weekend.

Being a big sports fan, I love a passion filled contest between two players or teams. Sports is all about showing the desire and hard work ethic. Playing for the love of the game is what sports should be about. The Lingerie Football League players bring that feeling to the field.

This league certainly has it’s stars and big time players. It combines hard hitting football action with model type looks of the players. How can you go wrong with that combination?

I can watch any sporting event between athletes that give it their all, leaving everything they have on the playing surface. The LFL gained a new fan last night, me.