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Giants’ Training Camp News & Notes: Giants excited to show New Offense

by Christian Pierre-Louis | Posted on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

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The team’s new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo was brought in to revive the team’s offense, and he has used training camp to install the hurry-up, sometimes no-huddle approach as he feels it will be beneficial for the team.

When the topic of the Giants’ new hurry-up offense was brought up Friday, the Big Blue receivers couldn’t help but smile.

With most of training camp dedicated to picking up the new up-tempo, West Coast-styled attack, the Giants will finally have a chance to test it against a real, live opponent on Sunday: the Buffalo Bills in the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

New offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo was brought in from Green Bay to revive the Giants’ stationary offense and revive the career of Eli Manning, using training camp to install new methods and schemes that he feels will get this offense back on track.

Also, new quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf is so confident in the new schemes, he’s given Manning the goal of completing 70% of his passes, a staggering number for a player who is a career 58.5% passer.

That’s a lot of talk before a single pass has been thrown in a game. That type of talk is usually heard from the other tenant of MetLife Stadium.

But, receiver Victor Cruz believes the Giants will use the first preseason game to show what all the fuss is about. “I think they’re going to put us right to the test and see how well we know the offense, how well this thing can perform at a high level,” an excited Cruz said. “I think right off the bat − maybe not no huddle − but a little more up-tempo.”

Tom Coughlin has said that less than half the new offense has been installed, but one thing is certain: The starters will take “a minimum number” of snaps against Buffalo. Manning will start, and Big Blue will emphasize the running game, according to the head coach, with some of the new concepts sprinkled in.

Rueben Randle, for one, expects the team to showcase the new offense early. “We worked on it a lot,” the receiver said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we do, so I think we are prepared to do that.”

It will be the first time the Giants run the offense against an opposing defense other than their teammates, something Cruz, who missed the final three games of last season with a knee injury, is looking forward to. Cruz said he expects to see between 15-20 snaps on Sunday.

“We’re excited to run our offense against someone else other than ourselves,” Cruz said, “(To) see how it goes and see how other teams take it and how they’re able to play it, as well as test our own team and test our own skills and see what we can do right. So it should be exciting for us.”

Randle, along with Cruz, believes his teammates are ready to learn the rest of the offense.

“We still have some things we want to put in,” the wideout said. “But as far as what we’ve put in, we have an understanding of what’s going on so I think it’s time to install more so we can get everything in.”

Randle said the Giants are becoming increasingly cozy with the pace of things and have adapted nicely.

“Yeah man, I think we feel comfortable with everything that’s going on,” he said. “(We’re) playing a lot faster now since we have to understand the concept that we’re putting in.”

Randle said the new offense calls for quick, short passes but also long plays as well. “It fits everybody,” Randle went on. “Coach (McAdoo) has done a great job making sure we’re all on the same page and putting us in position to make plays. I love it, man. He’s put the game plan in to fit his players and that’s what we all like.”

The Giants will travel to Canton today and be in attendance for Michael Strahan’s Hall of Fame speech. The team will then play the Buffalo Bills on Sunday in the annual Hall of Fame game scheduled for 8:00 pm (EST).


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