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Giants: Steve Weatherford Creates Magical Prom for Bayonne Senior

by Jason Radowitz | Posted on Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Spring Break was about to conclude, marking period three had just been completed, and talks about prom began to intensify in the halls at Bayonne High School. Lauren Delbert, who graduated on Tuesday, June 24th, already had a prom date. She and her boyfriend, Steve Schumann already knew they would be going to prom together.

However, on Friday, April 18th at 1:14am, Lauren decided to ask Giants punter, Steve Weatherford if he would like to attend her prom on Twitter, with a football that read “Wanna Tackle Prom With Me?”

“Steve (Weatherford) was having a contest on Twitter to win a Fathead of him,” Lauren explained. And all you had to do was tweet him. I tried to win and tweeted Steve telling him that he is my favorite player. Steve responded and I was really excited so I wanted to try to get him to talk to me again. That’s when I came up with the idea to tweet him a picture of the football and ask him to my prom. It was really just for him to talk to me again but it turned into something more.”

The response from her favorite Giants player took a little over an hour as Weatherford mentioned her back on Twitter saying “YES:)”. Not only did Weatherford talk to her, he actually accepted the prom invite, which ultimately became one of Lauren’s “days to remember”.

Steve Weatherford accepts Lauren's invite to prom on Twitter.

Steve Weatherford accepts Lauren’s invite to prom on Twitter.

Leading up the prom, Lauren saw her name on the New York Giants homepage, on local television stations and other media outlets. It was then that she realized that there would be camera men and journalists following her every move alongside her two prom dates.

“I was excited just like anyone going to prom,” Lauren recalled. “But I felt more pressure on me because I knew there would be a ton of cameras and reporters waiting to see me.”

When her classmates heard about Steve Weatherford attending their prom, the response was very robust. Students were excited to see a popular athlete attending their prom. Some of her classmates even took pictures with Weatherford, whether it was with an Eagle shirt or with his gloriously heavy Super Bowl ring that was won with the Giants in 2011.

On June 6th, Steve Weatherford, Lauren, and her boyfriend Steve, were anxious for the day to begin. Weatherford picked Lauren (and Steve) up in a white Bentley that provided for the night. Before they left for prom, he took many pictures with Lauren and signed a football for her. Ultimately, the spotlight continued to shine right on top of Lauren as she made her way across the red carpet with her two dates arriving at the venue.

Weatherford gives Lauren a hug after signing a football.

Weatherford gives Lauren a hug after signing a football.

“The car ride was amazing, although it wasn’t a very long drive,” Lauren admitted. “The red carpet was hectic, but it was pretty cool that I got to be famous for the day.”

Expectations were pretty high to begin with, but even those expectations surpassed her dream. This day will forever be a day that Lauren will look back on and eventually tell her children about her senior prom with a professional athlete.

“(Prom) went smoothly,” Lauren said. “It turned out to be a great day I will remember forever.”

Still, Lauren insists that she had never tried to interact with professional athletes on Twitter before talking to Mr. Weatherford. Lauren and Weatherford met prior to the epic prom request, actually. They met each other at an Autism Speaks event, walking and raising money for people in need, including one of Lauren’s good friends.

Lauren now has a good perspective on professional athletes, especially Weatherford.

“I follow him on all social media,” Lauren explained. “I get to see inside his life on a daily basis. He really is down to earth and normal just like the rest of us, which makes me like him a lot. It’s easy to relate to him in many ways.”

Steve Weatherford has inspired Lauren to be a better person all-around. She now tries to follow Weatherford in the charity field and give a helping hand when she can to people who are in need.

Lauren is all smiles for prom pictures with her favorite Giants player.

Lauren is all smiles for prom pictures with her favorite Giants player.

Weatherford didn’t only make Lauren’s day, he’s helped her strive for greatness. Lauren lived in Bayonne all her life, but she will now be off to college in a couple months at New Jersey City University, where she intends on majoring in early childhood education, special education, and psychology.

Weatherford has influenced many people, including Lauren, throughout his football career. If everyone did a special deed to help the people in need, the world would be a better place. Lauren and Weatherford found a couple things that was common with one another. Charity is one. The other is way more specific; their magical hearts. And those magical hearts helped create a magical prom for Lauren’s special day.

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