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From Law Office to Promotions, Baltimore Boxer Venroy July is Learning the Ropes Quickly

by Augustine Dashiell | Posted on Thursday, April 10th, 2014
Venroy July (right)

Venroy July (right)

Boxers often pull double, even triple duty early in their careers as pugilism hasn’t provided immediate financial security. How many can list being an attorney and promoter as they navigate their way up the ranks as a boxer? Baltimore cruiserweight Venroy July does, and in his eyes, it is a natural progression.

After wrestling collegiately at North Carolina and Duke and landing a job at a Washington D.C. law firm, July looked for a different way of staying in shape.

“While interning at a previous law firm, a partner started bringing a bunch of associates to a boxing gym,” July stated. “I enjoyed it and began taking it seriously. Once people started telling me I was pretty good, I figured to give it a go as a career.”

July (16-1-2, 6 KO) takes the ring Saturday as part of a card promoted through his Hardwork Promotions banner. July considers himself a come-forward fighter that likes to press the issue, although still learning boxing he can rely on his wrestling background in times of need.

“I’ve learned at times it is good to hold,” July started. “When sparring with bigger stronger fighters, they think they can bully me around the ring but with my wrestling background I am comfortable inside and I often grab and hold a little too well,” July paused then added. “Everyone gets buzzed in boxing and once again that’s when the wrestling comes in, I can grab to the point that guys expend energy struggling to get away from me and still can’t get away.”

A lesson learned by many a starting boxer pushed July toward promoting.

“We took a fight, and the guy that called told us my opponent couldn’t punch so we go to North Carolina for the fight.” July started. “Mid-fight I realize the guy that called us was actually working my opponent’s corner, it was a setup.”

As professionals do, July battled through and did enough to win the fight in his mind.

“My coach said to me not to do anything stupid you won the fight,” July said about the incident. “When the draw was announced, the crowd let me know I won by their reaction. Now, I paid for that fight, the travel etc. and I realized without a manager or promoter it was too easy to get taken advantage of and I was tired of it.”

July said being around boxing and seeing how things happened, he spoke with his family and friends about forming Hardwork Promotions as a way of avoiding future set ups and also to guarantee frequent fights.

“It was hard sitting around waiting for fights,” July started “I need to stay busy because I only had nine amateur fights so I’m still learning. At the same time I am 31, so I need to stay active in the gym to improve because my learning curve is steep but my potential is high because it’s not like I have hit my plateau.”

Right now Hardwork Promotions remains focused on putting on cards as opposed to signing fighters.

“We are working with guys but haven’t signed any fighters,” July started. “We want to work out the kinks as far as promoting instead of signing guys and making promises we can’t keep. Guys sign and can’t get fights then careers stall, we don’t want that, we plan on being around for a while so there is no rush to sign fighters.”

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