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Cory Schneider Named to NHL’s Competition Committee

by Sam Mines | Posted on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014


According to an article by Dan Rosen on and, New Jersey Devils goalie Cory Schneider received the honor of being named as part of the NHL’s Competition Committee. This panel helps “make several recommendations for changes to the NHL Board of Governors and the Executive Board of the National Hockey League Players’ Association.”

As part of this group, Schneider and his other committee-mates discussed certain hot-button hockey topics including instant replay, goalie interference, embellishment, face off rules, the goalie trapezoid, and the shootout.

I mentioned the shootout last, though that’s what concerns Devils’ fans most.  I have bad news for you if you were hoping the shootout would be eliminated. However, there will be steps to try and make it less common. I agree with you — that sounds more than a bit ridiculous. Why don’t they just take it out of the game altogether? Well, I can’t answer that, but here’s what the Competition Committee is urging the NHL to try and reduce shootouts:

“The Committee, working off recommendations made to it by the NHL general managers, is recommending that overtime rules be changed to require teams to change ends after regulation in order to foster the long-change element which exists in the second period.”

Again referencing Rosen’s article, more goals are scored in the second period when the long change is in action.  The committee’s reasoning is that instituting a goal-inducing element into overtime will result in more goals being scored when the players skate four on four. The committee also suggested a dry ice scrape before overtime to give the players a fresh playing surface; as of last season, this was only done before the shootout started — overtime ice was the same as was used at the end of the third period.

For the New Jersey Devils, Cory Schneider, and Devils’ fans, let’s hope that these rule changes go into place and cut down tremendously on the number of times the Devils have to play in the shootout, and increase the number of points the Devils get next season!

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