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Who is the NJSIAA? Executive Director Steve Timko Explains Latest Developments

By Steven Timko, executive director, NJSIAA   Back when I was a kid, my friends and I played pick-up games whenever and wherever we could. The sport itself didn’t matter – sometimes,

Hernandez and Agrapides Among New Jersey Hopefuls at Gymnastics Nationals

Hartford, Conn. - Midway through Wednesday morning, Lauren Hernandez took the floor at the 2013 P&G US Gymnastics Championships in Hartford, Conn. and demonstrated why she is one of the most talked


Organized youth sports are becoming more and more popular every year. Currently, there are approximately 45 million children and adolescents participating in organized athletics in the United States. Each year around three

Little League Pitching Regulations; Important Protection for Young Arms

Spring is here! And with the warmer weather comes the return of baseball. A national pastime, millions of people play every year. As with many other sports, kids are starting younger and

Union County Baseball Association Set to Host 77th Annual Hot Stove Dinner

Baseball is a game that was founded well over 150 years ago and has since developed a rich and glorious history to garner its standing as America’s Pastime. It is a game

Chris Canty Foundation Holds First Annual NYC Camp of Champions

New York Giants starting defensive lineman Chris Canty and his brother Joseph run a charity called the Chris Canty Foundation (CCF) that targets the youth in our communities on three levels; education,

Family Vacation Leads to Interview with Curtis Granderson for 10-Year Old Haley Smilow

Being big baseball fans, the Smilow family took to the midwest this past summer, traveling to many baseball stadiums. Of course, they were following their favorite team, the New York Yankees. Traveling

Tommy John and Chobani Celebrate New Berlin’s Newest Field

Agro Farma is New York’s largest dairy manufacturer. This is the company that manufactures Chobani, America’s #1 yogurt brand. They also produce Chobani Champions, the first Greek yogurt for kids. Agro Farma

On Big Stage, Toms River Keeps Having Fun

The Toms River National Little League team continues their run as the Little League World Series gets under way from Williamsport, PA. A group of 12 year olds that reminds us all,

Is money affecting youth baseball?

Many of our country's children miss out on sporting activities due to rising costs. Something must be done to keep children active.

Little League making efforts to keep kids in baseball

Little League Baseball is changing some rules and adding new programs in an effort to keep kids playing the game.