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There are a ton of fantasy advice articles and columns out there on the web for you to read. This weekly feature will not help if you are looking for who to

Knuckleball! The Movie: A Journey Through the “Fraternity” of Knuckleball Pitchers

What do you get when you cross a pitcher with a manicure? A KNUCKLEBALLER! A knuckleball pitcher’s best friend is the nail file that they keep in the dugout, in their bag,

Weekly Fantasy Report: Preseason Observations

If you read enough fantasy football articles, you will come across a number of clichés from a number of so-called experts.  One common cliché this time of year is the thought that

Will Stone Cold Steve Austin Wrestle One More Match?

Ever since the WWE successfully booked a year long build up and match between The Rock and John Cena at Wrestlemania, speculation ran rapid about who else the WWE Universe could convince

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: Is a Rematch Needed?

I’m back a week early from my summer hiatus – you know you missed me -, but one thing that I didn’t miss at all was the circus that we know as

Weekly Fantasy Report: 4 Draft Pitfalls to Avoid

Being a Homer I learned very early on in my fantasy football career that drafting your team’s players just because you like that team is not a good idea.  Here’s why: First,

Charles Oakley and the Moore‐Trainer (sounds like a fairytale!)

Charles Oakley, retired NBA power forward, who split his NBA time between six teams, with his ten year tenure as a New York Knick from1988 all the way through the 1998 season

Weekly Fantasy Report: 3 First Round Picks That Will Sink Your Season

Michael Vick Every year we hear from the media how good the Philadelphia Eagles will be, and every year we hear from the media about the potential of Mike Vick to put

Perception Is Not Always Reality in the Case of Sports Media

An old English adage, coined in the 1800’s that reads, “The pen is mightier than the sword,” is a pretty precise description of the way a journalist approaches every story they work

Bikini Blogger Q&A, Episode 5: Olympics, Sports Gambling, Super Bowl Predictions. New Pics Included!

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Bikini Blogger Q&A. This week, Gina talks about the hot topic of legalizing sports gambling and a way too early Super Bowl prediction. While the Olympics

Weekly Fantasy Report: 5 Reasons You Must Draft Tom Brady

Reason 1: Schedule Let’s play word association.  Ready?  Rams. Terrible.  Colts. Even worse.  Jaguars.  Gabbert.  Ok , let’s stop playing now.  You get the point. Simply put, the Patriots’ doughy schedule will

Rebecca Soni’s Marketability Ready to Take Off?

When New Jersey native Rebecca Soni ventured to London for the Olympic Games, she admittedly planned on winning a gold medal. And that is just what she did. However, she didn’t stop