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  • Big Blue Defense Having Fun Again

    Big Blue Defense Having Fun Again

    It's been a while since we have seen the New York Giants defense having fun on the field. Winning and success will do that to you. After last seasons disaster, the New York Giants needed an improved defense. At least for one game, they got it.

  • NFL Pre-Season Predictions

    NFL Pre-Season Predictions

    The Double G Sports Expert Panel has been polled and is now releasing their NFL Preseason Predictions for the 2010-11 season. Which "expert" will you agree with? Will any of them make a bold prediction? Take a look for yourself, let us know your thoughts and feel free to make predictions of your own....

  • New York Jets Are Ready For Take Off

    New York Jets Are Ready For Take Off

    Written By Kevin Connor: Finally. The barbecues are over. The Mets have gracelessly eliminated themselves from playoff contention. Brett Favre has chosen his ankle as the body part ESPN will hammer to death with coverage over the next 17 weeks...NFL football is back.