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Jets offense gets back to basics, defense stops Rivers in the second half.

A nice showing for the New York Jets offense against the Chargers. Many things went well for the Jets in this game. Getting right to the point, it was great to see the Jets

It’s time for Rex to tone it down a bit

Rex Ryan is one of the best coaches in the game today. I wrote an article back on Aug 2011, in which I highlighted most of Rex’s accomplishments as a college assistant coach,

Jets prepare to face a “Desert Storm” like air attack

There should be great concern coming from Jets fans this Sunday as their team is set to go up against the San Diego Chargers at Met Life Stadium. The Chargers come in with a

For New York Jets, Getting Back To Winning Ways Needs To Start Now

I’m not going to comment about the blame game we have seen carry on over the last two weeks. In fact, this might be the shortest article I have placed on this site yet.

Jamaal Westerman Helping On and Off The Field

Jamaal Westerman has really begun to make a difference on and off the football field. The former Rutgers star and current New York Jets linebacker continues to work hard and is finally

Questions Continue Mounting As Jets Lose Another Game

Let me just begin this article with some comments I wrote right after the Jets vs. Jacksonville game, just before the Jets were about to go on this road trip. These are comments

Jets expectations in New England, get back to power football

Could there be tension mounting within the Jets locker room? Are there players beginning to question predictable play calling from the offensive coordinator?  Is there beginning to be disbelief amongst players that

Jets offense in shambles. Ravens bully New York.

Two weeks ago after the Jets beat the Jaguars, I wrote about New York’s up and coming road games. In that article, I talked about the possibility of the Jets coming out of that road

Jets Look To D-Liver On Big Stage

When the lights come on at 8pm Sunday night in Baltimore, the Jets defense will be ready. The performance we saw out of the Jets defense against the Raiders was very uncharacteristic

Latest Loss Reveals Some Flaws for New York Jets

Sunday’s 34-24 loss by the Jets was an eye-opener. The Jets did not compete. They were bullied all day long by the Raiders. They did not want to be out on the

Raiders Expose Weaknesses in Jets Offense and Defense

I don’t know how much longer I can watch this offense continue to sputter, furthermore, watch Mark Sanchez play as if he is still in USC.  I find myself writing about the

Road Grinders: Jets Face Tough Stretch on the Road

This will undoubtedly be the telling point of the season for the New York Jets in my opinion. These next three weeks will give Jets fans reason to believe in what the team