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A Look at Carmelo’s Historic Night

It seemed to be just another Friday night game at Madison Square Garden as the New York Knicks were playing host to the Charlotte Bobcats. The Knicks were riding a five game losing streak and

The New York Knicks Have Hit Rock Bottom. Can They Get Up?

The start of the 2014 season was treating the New York Knicks very well. They won six of their first seven games and found themselves sitting in the 8th spot of the eastern conference

JR Smith Counts By Twos And Ties Your Shoes

When the New York Knicks were in Dallas Sunday night, JR Smith and Shawn Marion were lined up next to each other during a foul shot in the second quarter. Smith bent down

Knicks Head Home Full of Confidence After Texas Road Trip

The Knicks are heading back to New York with their confidence as high as it’s been all year. One boneheaded play away from sweeping the road trip, the Knicks took 2-of-3 from

Everything is Bigger in Texas. Knicks Ready For Three Game Lonestar Roadtrip.

With the New York Knicks starting off their three game Texas road trip in San Antonio; these three games might be the biggest for head coach Mike Woodson. After losing a very tough home

Lakers want a piece of New York Knicks

Both the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers have not started the season the way they would like too. With the Knicks sitting at 7-16 and the Lakers only a little

More Minutes Result In More Production For Amare Stoudemire

Within the last three Knick wins, a player that has been slightly forgotten in New York has been right in the middle of the production. That one player that is leading the charge

Knicks: Let the Struggles Continue and the Controversy Begin

Coming off another home loss to the New Orleans Pelicans last night, the New York Knicks are now currently riding a nine game losing streak. This is the longest streak since 2006 when

Nursing Five Game Losing Streak, Knicks Head West For Tough Matchups

The New York Knicks are currently on a five game losing streak and are heading to the west coast for three very tough games. Each game will be a very tough matchup, particularly for

Stoudemire Wants More Minutes. Can He Do It? Will Knicks Trade Him?

  Amar’e Stoudemire has admitted that he needs more minutes to continue to play better for the New York Knicks. Coming off the bench for two or three, five minute spurts won’t

Shumpert Trade Rumors Continue To Swirl

This past weekend, Iman Shumperts’s name was all the news once again. First it was reported that Shumpert had off-season knee surgery after his first summer camp game on the same knee

Shumpert Trade Talks Get Started Early As Knicks Talk With Denver Nuggets

Reports came out early yesterday that the New York Knicks have offered the Denver Nuggets Iman Shumpert in return for Kenneth Faried. The Nuggets declined the trade offer as they wanted some draft picks