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Planning For a Marathon Can Be Tricky; But Very Important For Your Health

The NYC marathon is right around the corner! This Sunday, New York boroughs will be crowded with competitors. After months of careful training, specific race day preparation is often over looked. Long

The Importance of the Pre-Participation Physical Exam

As summer draws to a close, many fall sports are in the midst of preseason. One important aspect of safely partaking in sports is a complete and accurate pre-participation physical exam. Most schools

Lightning Safety for Summer

Outdoor athletics can be one the most enjoyable parts of the summer. However, these activities are not risk free, and in previous posts I have discussed dehydration, heat exhaustion, and exertional heat

Health Concerns of Exercising in the Heat

Up and down the east coast we are in the midst of a heat wave. You can sometimes manage by spending more time inside in the AC and drinking plenty of cold

Cheat Sheet to CT’s and Other Diagnostic Imaging

Following a sports related injury, seeking a physician’s diagnosis is crucial to insure you rehabilitate as correctly and efficiently as possible to get you back into the game injury free. Frequently your


Proper hydration for athletics is a year round concern, but athletes are at an elevated risk during these hot summer months. Severe dehydration can have uncomfortable early signs and symptoms, leading to


Organized youth sports are becoming more and more popular every year. Currently, there are approximately 45 million children and adolescents participating in organized athletics in the United States. Each year around three

Little League Pitching Regulations; Important Protection for Young Arms

Spring is here! And with the warmer weather comes the return of baseball. A national pastime, millions of people play every year. As with many other sports, kids are starting younger and

Women’s History Month: Women in Athletic Training

In 2011 Sue Falsone was hired by the Los Angeles Dodgers to be their Head Athletic Trainer, a major milestone for women in athletic training. Falsone is the first female Head Athletic

Every Body Needs An Athletic Trainer

March is National Athletic Training Month, designed to promote awareness and knowledge of the athletic training profession. Not only athletes can benefit from the profession and this year’s theme, “Every Body Needs

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

February 24th through March 2nd is National Eating Disorders Awareness week. An often very serious and sometimes fatal illness, eating disorders affect 20 million women and 10 million men at some point

Young Athletes and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Abrupt and life threatening, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death in young athletes. Because they are often assumed to be healthy, it can be a complete surprise when