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LaShawn Merritt Being a Good Sport in Central Park

Aside from being a serious competitor, LaShawn Merritt is also a good sport.  The two- time Gold Medal Olympian took time out of his busy schedule to “school” Mike Lockyer; the host of NOC’D

Natasha Hastings and LaShawn Merritt On Top Of Their Games at Penn Relays

The US vs. the World has become the most exciting highlight of the Penn Relays in recent years.  This track and field event, which now has worldwide recognition, features some of the

Super Bowl: Will Madonna Have a Surprise at Halftime?

So the granddaddy of the NFL season culminates in Indianapolis on Sunday, February 5th.  Not only do fans look forward to the last brawl on the turf but also the special commercials,

He’s back and he’s not Intimidated; LaShawn Merritt

When LaShawn Merritt stepped into the spotlight at the World Junior Championship in 2004, he made a very bold statement.  The statement seemed to echo in bold caps, “I am a force

Natasha Hastings Shines on the Red Carpet of the ESPN the Magazine Release Party

All eyes were on the 400M Diva as soon as she stepped out of the limo onto the Red Carpet on Thursday Night at the ESPN the Magazine Release Party.  If you

The First New York Giant to Step into the Fashion World

Many pro athletes have set their sights on the multiple streams of income concept and quite a lot of them have tackled the fashion industry.  The fashion industry is a lucrative business

Are “Decision” Parties Really Necessary?

The Sports World may seem like a deceptively glamorous life.  Of course it is hard not to believe so for the simple fact of the perception that we all have about pro-athletes.

Indianapolis Colts Taj Smith Shows Love To Hometown

It was like a Jersey Boys reunion of football players who came back to their beloved Jersey to join forces with Wide Receiver Taj Smith of the Indianapolis Colts at his first

Where is the love for New York’s football teams uniforms?

The NFL Ten Best Uniforms came on Thursday night on the NFL channel and well let’s just say neither of our local teams was shown any love.  Of course we can agree

The Magic In The Uniform?

So this holiday weekend the Subway Series team rivals the New York Yankees and the New York Mets will go at each other.  This is a battle that all baseball fans are

USA Track & Field Golden Girl- Natasha Hastings, Up Close & Personal

She was just a little girl when she dreamed of becoming an Olympian.  A little over a decade or so later she fulfilled that dream by winning gold at the Beijing Olympics

Cappie Pondexter Shows Love For Basketball & Fashion

Anyone who is a women’s basketball fan would be no stranger to the name Cappie Pondexter.  The California born basketball star was the No. 2 pick in the 2008 WNBA draft out