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Bikini Blogger Q&A, Episode 5: Olympics, Sports Gambling, Super Bowl Predictions. New Pics Included!

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Bikini Blogger Q&A. This week, Gina talks about the hot topic of legalizing sports gambling and a way too early Super Bowl prediction. While the Olympics

Bikini Blogger Q&A, Episode 4: Jets, Tebow, Cooking, and more.

Welcome once again to the Bikini Blogger Q&A. This week is Episode 4. This week, Gina talks some football. She also gives you a little insight into her time in the kitchen.

Q&A with Bikini Blogger, Episode 3: NHL, Nash, Ichiro, and more.

EpisodeĀ 3 of the Q&A with the Bikini Blogger series. This week Gina talks about the pending NHL lockout and recent acquisitions by the New York Rangers and Yankees. Hope you also enjoy

Q&A with Bikini Blogger. Episode 2. 7/20/12

  Episode 2 of the Q&A with the Bikini Blogger series. Today Gina talks some basketball as well as auto racing and find out if women like baseball players more than football

Q&A with Bikini Blogger, 7/13/12

Welcome to the weekly column of Double G Sports Girl, Gina Marie. Each week, Gina, now known as the Bikini Blogger, will take your reader questions. Something on your mind about life,