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In a League of Its Own: Why Sports Fans and TV Viewers Can’t Get Enough of “The League”

All hail Shivakamini Somakandarkram! Recently, The League had its season premiere on the new channel FXX, and it’s clear that fantasy football fans are as excited for their own line-ups as they


Very recently, I returned to the States after my first voyage outside the country, my first time stamping my passport, and ultimately my first real international experience. I spent four weeks in

San Fran and Seattle are Great NFC West Round-Trip Locations

The West Coast undoubtedly has some of the most beautiful sites and cities in the United States.  So, for the sake of adventure and aesthetics, our tailgate-friendly RV is going to burn

AFC North Roadtrip: Baltimore and Pittsburgh Provide Plenty Quirky Attractions

For quirky attractions, outdoor adventures and delicious native foods, our tailgate expedition radar points AFC North.  With the bizarre November weather taking its toll on the east coast, these next two cities

Adrenaline, Boozing and Chowing down: The ABCs of the NFC East

Beer seekers, thrill seekers and foodies will all be pleased with the next two stops on our away game roadtrip.  The NFC East features plenty of staples found in a professional tailgater’s

A Trip to the AFC South: You Just Might Come Back With a Southern Twang

Effortlessly charming with non-stop excitement between live music, sports and sight-seeing, y’all are never gonna leave after a taste of this Southern Hospitality. AFC South, here we go!  Now that we’re approaching

Ghosts, Tigers and Gumbo – oh, my! An Away Game Visit to the NFC South

It’s time to take the away game traveling RV to the Gulf of Mexico, and drop off our beer cooler in New Orleans, LA and Tampa, FL. Ahh, the NFC South.  There

There’s No Place Like An NFL Away Game: A Trip to Kansas City and San Diego.

The greatest unconventional excuses to go see your home team away from home, and how to plan an unrivaled vacation on the enemy’s turf.  You’d be hard pressed to find a football