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Athlete’s Voices: Jeremiah Gill – King’s College, Episode 4. Reviving a Lost Love

by Guest | Posted on Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Author: Tyler Hinsley (junior on the King’s basketball team)


My love for basketball was birthed on my living room floor. I was 18 months old and my brother bought me a small toddler sized basketball hoop. My passion for the game continued on until it started to fade my freshmen year in high school. Our basketball team was divided between two personality cliques. This division only worsened and contributed to our losing season. Once the season ended, I had doubts of me ever playing again. Basketball was no longer fun. I tentatively gave up playing after that season. My sophomore year, I half-heartedly tried out for the school team again, and was cut. From there I continued playing on a recreational city basketball league the rest of high school, focusing on tennis instead.

When I decided to come to The King’s College, I did not even consider joining the basketball team.  After some encouragement, I made the decision to walk on, one I will never regret. My freshman basketball season (2012-2013) was tough, but one that helped to slowly revive the lost passion I had for basketball. The spark was dim, and the flame was not yet as bright as it had been before my freshman season in high school.

The Kings’ 2013-2014 Men’s basketball season, on paper, is not one to boast about. We only won a few games making it a losing season. We struggled to keep more than five people on our roster. The losses and lack of players would have ruined most teams’ chemistry. Not us. Instead of creating cliques amongst ourselves, we grew closer together. We learned to depend on each other for advice and motivation. We turned the struggles of having few teammates and repetitive losses into rallying calls to grow together.

By the end of the season, we felt like winners. Struggles only fueled inspiration. We grew together as brothers, as family, and as teammates. We became a pack.

Now this summer, we are all working on our individual games. Whether it is shooting drills, ball handling drills, or hitting the weight room, we are all honing our skills, in preparation for next season. The best part about this though, is that we are not working on our game for personal satisfaction. We are working on improving our game for each other because we want to compete to the best of our abilities next season. My teammates here at King’s have truly revived my passion for basketball that died out during my high school years. I am counting down the days until we hit the court and start a new chapter of King’s basketball.

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