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Athlete’s Voices: Jeremiah Gill, Episode 1. The King’s College Unique Experience

by Guest | Posted on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 has partnered with some local athlete’s to develop this great column titled, Athlete’s Voices. In this column, some of your favorite local athletes will share their lives with you, both on and off the playing surface. Each athlete will post a blog, once a month, updating you on their latest happenings. Today’s post is by two-sport athlete from The King’s College in New York City, Jeremiah Gill. Follow Jeremiah as he will post a blog on the first of every month.

Jeremiah Gill

Jeremiah Gill

Attending The King’s College is like participating in a free market economy.

Now before you discredit my analogy as boring or too academic, hear me out. I am no economist so this post will be written in simple, normal-people-friendly vernacular.

A free market economy is one in which the forces of supply and demand rule supreme and there is no government interference (thanks Wikipedia). So the opposite of that would be an economy in which the government stepped in and messed with prices or tariffs (taxes on trade) in an effort to manipulate the economy. Oftentimes, the government will raise tariffs on products coming into the US from other countries so that US buyers will spend their money on local goods instead. This benefits local companies and gives them an artificial protection from the big, bad international economy.

Students at most American colleges receive a similar cushion. They are given unlimited access to swanky gym facilities, gourmet meal plans, lush campuses and expansive libraries. Students are showered with luxuries (like taking luxurious showers), providing a comfortable environment in which they can thrive.

The King’s College, however, offers none of these artificial sweeteners. Placed in the heart of New York City, the college comes with all of the city’s challenges. King’s students have to do their own laundry, plan and cook meals, ride public transportation to school, seek out gym memberships–all alongside their academic studies. Because we go through college without any crutches, the transition to life after is much easier, even non-existent.

King’s students are better prepared for life post-college

Most college students have to learn how to cook for themselves; how to find an apartment or house and the process of paying rent; how to navigate life independently. When I graduate, hardly anything will change. I will still live in the same apartment. Pay the same Time Warner Internet bill. Keep playing Wednesday night basketball in the church’s basement. Continue shopping at Trader Joe’s on 72nd Street. Except now, I will hopefully be enjoying an increase in income, allowing me to buy nicer ingredients and indulge in ice cream and other “luxury foods” a little more often.

Imagine playing baseball every day with the city skyline behind you.

Imagine playing baseball every day with the city skyline behind you.

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