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Athlete’s Voices: Dina Parise, Episode 9. Let me Entertain you!

by Guest | Posted on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 has partnered with some local athlete’s to develop this great column titled, Athlete’s Voices. In this column, some of your favorite local athletes will share their lives with you, both on and off the playing surface. Each athlete will post a blog, once a month, updating you on their latest happenings. Today’s post is by Dina Parise of Dina Parise Racing . Follow Dina, as she will post a blog on the 20th of every month.

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In my last blog I spoke a bit about kids and competition.  Now, I’m moving on…. To the ‘Big Show’… You see, it’s a progression.  And I know it , maybe better than anyone…. As I always say, Strap yourselves in Peeps…. Here we go!

I did not grow up in a family of racers, nor did I begin racing as a teenager as many have. I am a ‘late bloomer’ of sorts.  The industries may be different, but oh brother… the game really is the same!

When others were beginning their driving careers, I was professional skater for the ‘Ice Capades’, touring the United States and Canada. Traveling Drag Racing with Dina Parise Racing can be compared to my former touring ‘showgirl’ days, if one can believe that. When I toured with the ‘Ice Capades’ we did a show in a different city every week, just as we do racing in Drag Racing. Each week we played a new venue, each venue had its own ‘locals’ that worked there, just as in the tracks we race at. The cast and crew remained the same and we all traveled together. The difference now; well,  I have tires in place of skates and a fire suit in place of sequin covered costumes. I guess you can just think of my 3,000HP Pro Mod as a really fast Zamboni!

I know what you are thinking….. ‘Ice skating and Drag Racing?’ Not so much. But essentially it’s all about the show.  When you go to a race, yes your ultimate goal is what? To be entertained! That is the short and the long of it!

For those of you that are not aware, I own a two car team. It consists of me and… oh yes, my husband Andrew. When it comes to entertainment, well we are your go to guy and gal… What’s better than two meatball flingin’ , New York Italians with a thirst for butt kicking at over 240 MPH? I say nothing!

You see, our entertainment begins in the pits. Not on purpose really. The trash talk between us is just a way of life for us! From trash talk we go to long Smokey burnouts….. We always say.. “Are you getting a carton of milk?” Next is the ‘tree’… Who will leave first? Much to his dismay, usually me. But, he has gotten me at the ‘stripe’ more times than I care to admit. And, back to the trash talking.

Now of course I do not always race my husband. But, that does not keep me (or us for that matter) from entertaining! The trash talk will still continue all though the names may change! We keep each other on our toes and you, the fan laughing and coming back for more! Hey I’m not a fan of boredom, are you?

Maybe for my next trick, roller-skating between rounds? OK, maybe not. But have no fear; thinking out of the box is always the way of this Dina Parise Racing team!  We will find a way to entertain be it on the track, or off.

The advantage of the type of entertainment we bring is that it is appropriate for everyone! Being a Role model and inspiring others is the best entertainment you can ask for! It disheartens me to see shows on TV with young ladies beating the pulp out of one another and disrespecting themselves. I for one like to take my ‘aggression’ out on the track, not on other people. So to all the young girls and lovely ladies out there; let’s support, encourage and inspire one another, not the other way around!

We have lots of exciting stuff happening such as a ‘Red Carpet’ event and the completion of the Cadillac CTSV Pro Mod build! So stay tuned and see you next month!

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Thanks for reading!

See you at the races!

Dina Parise~DPR

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