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Athlete’s Voices: Amy Zimmer, St. John’s Volleyball, Episode 5. The Trials of Preseason.

by Guest | Posted on Monday, August 25th, 2014

unnamed (1)Eat, sleep, play volleyball; that is my current agenda. I am in the middle of my third college preseason and to be honest, it has not gotten any easier. But if it was easy, everyone would do it, and that’s what makes being a Division 1 athlete so special.

The past two weeks have consisted of beach workouts, film sessions, weight lifting, physical therapy, and practice, practice, practice! Preseason is draining both physically and mentally, but our team always finds a way to make it fun. Even when we finish a two-mile sand run on the beach at seven in the morning, we can always find a little energy to add in a couple laughs. Although we are going through challenging days of practice and training, we are all doing something we love.

The love for the game is what has brought this team together from all over the world. St. John’s is one of the most diverse teams in the country. We have girls from Slovakia, Turkey, Finland, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Poland! Preseason reminds me how special it is to be apart of such a diverse team. Although we may not look or talk the same, one thing brings us together; volleyball.

The St. John’s Volleyball team and I hope to see you at a game this season! Be sure to check out our schedule on!

And don’t forget to follow along my journey by coming back the 18th of every month and by following me on Instagram @amysuezimmer

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