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Athlete’s Voices: Amy Zimmer, Episode 3. Nothing Like Playoffs in New York

by Guest | Posted on Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 has partnered with some local athlete’s to develop this great column titled, Athlete’s Voices. In this column, some of your favorite local athletes will share their lives with you, both on and off the playing surface. Each athlete will post a blog, once a month, updating you on their latest happenings. Today’s post is by Amy, a member of the St. John’s Women’s Volleyball Team. Follow Amy, as she will post a blog on the 18th of every month.




Although I am a Detroit Red Wings fan, how could I not jump on the New York Rangers bandwagon with the Stanley Cup Finals happening here in New York?!  It was game four and with the Rangers being the underdogs, I knew there was a possibility of it being the last. Now don’t get too excited, I didn’t get to attend the game but I definitely wanted to see what it was all about.

Amy with Dave Briggs of NBCSports

Amy with Dave Briggs of NBCSports

But you should know I always find a way…

I picked up my friend and we hopped on a subway to Penn Station. We weren’t sure where to go or what to do for the game, but we knew the first thing we had to do was buy some Rangers gear! We made a clutch stop at Modell’s next to the Garden. Thanks to Modell’s, I will never forget the Rangers chant as they were shouting it repeatedly.  After we swapped our shirts we headed over to Madison Square Garden where people were flooding in with their Red and Blue.  Seeing the giant Stanley Cup Finals banner gave me chills and the energy was high. I couldn’t get over how cool it was that I was there. Even though we were not inside, we were still there! We walked up the giant blue carpet leading into the Garden, taking fun pictures and enjoying the atmosphere.

As the game started, the giant screen outside MSG was playing the game. People were standing all along the sidewalk to watch. We decided to watch the game at a restaurant near by but made sure to be back outside the Garden for the last few minutes of the game.

When the Rangers won, the fans outside were just as excited to be there as the ones inside! It was truly something to experience. As people fled Madison Square Garden to beat the packed trains and traffic, we went the opposite way. As we approached security I saw that the NHL Network and NBCSports were about to begin a live production. I explained to a man working my passion for broadcasting and he let us in to the live taping! This is a prime example that it pays to always ask even if you think the answer is no, because you never know! Not many people knew about the live tapings going on after the game so it was easy to make my way to the front.

When the broadcasters went off air, I took the opportunity and got one of the NBCSports reporters attention. I introduced myself and explained my goals. I received his card. It is beyond inspiring to meet broadcasters who are willing to help young adults chase their dreams. We are now in contact and emailing each other. I have learned so much already, from him!

I can’t express how much New York has to offer. Every time I write I mention it. From these experiences I learned to always ask and to always take advantage of what New York has to offer. Life is simply what you make of it. You have the control to make opportunity happen, it just depends on how bad you want it.

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