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Alberto Del Rio Released By WWE

by Canadace Kidd | Posted on Saturday, August 9th, 2014

WWE’s recent budget cuts have sent shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe. All of the fans have been clutching their pearls wondering who would be next.

Alberto Del Rio Photo Credit: M.A. LeBlanc

Alberto Del Rio
Photo Credit: M.A. LeBlanc

This week alone they have released senior vice president of creative, Eddie Feldman, and beloved timekeeper Mark Yeaton, who has been with the company for decades. On Thursday afternoon, the most surprising and infuriating firing has been that of Mexican born wrestler, Alberto Del Rio.

WWE released a full explanation for the firing Friday afternoon. According to WWE, Del Rio was let go because of unprofessional conduct. It has been explained that Del Rio had a confrontation with a WWE employee.

This release comes after Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, requested a release from his contract a week ago.

Developments in the story suggest that there were inappropriate comments made by the undisclosed WWE employee about Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio simply wanted an apology and was laughed at by the employee and Del Rio reacted to this by slapping him the face.

Del Rio debuted with the company in 2010 in order to bring in a stronger Latin fan base.

With him being gone, many wonder who will be the next Latin star to take over that vacant slot and what Del Rio’s future plans would be.

He might possibly go into MMA or return to Lucha Libre style wrestling in Mexico. There were rumors floating around for months that Del Rio was looking to leave the company to pursue other options.

The one thing that is certain is that Del Rio will be missed.

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